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January 23, 2022

Gabriela Firea complains about the protocol negligence at Cotroceni Palace: There is a possibility that I was isolated on purpose

Gabriela Firea stated on Wednesday that the representatives of the Presidential Administration asked her leave the area where the ministers were, and sent her in a place where she remained isolated, so the President didn’t shake her hand at the reception held at Cotroceni on Europe Day.

“At a certain moment, a lady from the Protocol Department insisted very much that I have to leave the Prime Minister, since there are only ministers in that area. Mrs. Carmen Dan, Olguta Vasilescu and Mrs. Pintea insisted that I should stay with them, stressing that I am the second person in the country in terms of number of votes, I represent the Romanian Capital and I can stay in the governmental area. The gentleman and the lady from Cotroceni came again, insisting that I have to go from that area to the other side than the governmental area, saying that I will still be in the first line, near Mr. Dragnea, Basescu, Constantinescu and the Patriarch” Gabriela Firea stated on Wednesday for Antena 3.

The Bucharest Mayor claims that once she arrived in the area indicated by the Protocol Department, there wasn’t any card with her name.

“To avoid causing a dispute and an inappropriate dialogue, I left, even if it seemed illogical to me to leave that place. (…) When I got there (in the place indicated by the Protocol Department – e.n.), there were several cards, but I couldn’t find my name in the area indicated by the Protocol Department, so I didn’t actually know where I should stay. I stayed near the State Counselor Oprisor’s wife, since the ceremony started. I feel misled somehow, after being forced to leave the ministers’ area. I actually stayed after Mr. Oprisor’s wife” Firea added.

The Mayor of Bucharest says that there is a possibility that she was isolated by the Presidency’s representatives, so that she couldn’t shake President Klaus Iohannis’s hand.

“The President welcomed the people in the area where I was, but a lady from the Protocol Department sat in front of Mrs. Oprisor, somehow indicating that the President should stop there, and I was after Mrs. Oprisor. There are two possibilities, one possibility in which it really was a mistake of the Protocol and the President really didn’t know about this, and the two possibility, namely I was isolated on purpose, not to stay with my colleagues in the Government and be somehow marginalized among the heads of institutions, in order not to have the chance to shake our hands (with President Iohannis – e.n.)” Gabriela Firea also stated.

“I can’t figure out if it was a protocol mistake or if I was isolated. (…) The order (of the protocol) is: the President, the Parliament, the Government and the local authority. Regardless of how we consider, the General Mayor’s place must be somewhere in the first line, but it’s obvious that this wasn’t probably wanted” Gabriela Firea added for Romania TV.

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