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February 5, 2023

Silicon Forest, the newest technology hub in Cluj, is being launched

Silicon Forest will be launched this June, in the central area of the city. The project is dedicated to the IT&C industry, as well as to the companies and freelancers in other business areas.

Silicon Forest is located in the central area of Cluj, at 9 Cotita Street, in a building designed for office spaces. Having a modern design, the building has 6 floors and an area of more than 1,350 sqm, and includes office spaces, a terrace and a café.

The project is mainly dedicated to the IT&C industry, without ignoring companies in the related fields, such as HR, Financial, or Legal fields, etc. Small and medium sized companies, departments of large companies and freelancers in the city are targeted.

“We have advanced talks related to hosting the research department of a large company in Cluj that wants to provide the R&D team with a working environment which is as informal and creative as possible. We also address medium sized and small companies, and freelancers, our objective being to develop a strong and dynamic community, whose products and solutions will attract as many investors as possible” stated Gabriel Rusu, one of the founders of the project.

The Silicon Forest offer for freelancers is structured on 3 types of subscriptions, with price ranging from RON 700 to 1,250 per month. For companies, the hub offers price quotations that meet the needs and particularities of each applicant.

The subscription price includes security, cleaning and administrative services, as well as access to networking events and common recreation areas. The access in the meeting rooms and parking spaces is available depending on the chosen subscription.

“The name of the project is not accidental, we wish to carry forward the tradition of the IT&C community from Cluj, and to justify as much as possible the comparison with Silicon Valley. We expect a 80-90% occupancy rate in the first three months from launching, although we expect a certain fluctuation of the companies who will come here” Gabriel Rusu added.

The Silicon Forest project is initiated by Gabriel Rusu, CEO of Mejix, and two American investors, Boaz Gilad, founder & CEO of Brookland Capital, and Guy Praisler, CEO of Dine Market. The project is almost finalized, and the investment amounts to EUR 200,000 by now.


About Silicon Forest


Silicon Forest, the newest technology hub in Cluj, provides its clients with a number of facilities designed to offer an informal and creative working space. Being located in the center of the city, Silicon Forest is the ideal place for meetings between professionals in Cluj with innovative ideas.

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