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April 21, 2021

5,000 people protest in Victoriei Square against the modification of the criminal codes

About 5,000 people have gathered in Victoriei Square on Saturday evening to participate in the protest called “We want Europe, not a Dictatorship.”

According to the call that the organizers posted on the social networks, the protests are aimed against the modification of the criminal codes, the attempt to change the DNA (National Anti-corruption Directorate) leadership and also such measures such as the Defamation Law, supporting the modification of the Constitution in the sense of reducing some minorities’ rights.

In the middle of the square, directly on the carriageway, there was the European flag painted, with another huge flag being carried but the protestors.

Some of them said they intended to walk from the Government Palace in Victoriei Square to the Parliament Palace, in the Constitutiei Square.

The people chanted slogans such as “PSD – the read plague”, “We want Europe, not a Dictatorship,” “We don’t want to be ruled by thieves.”

They chanted slogans against the gendarmes too, who were trying to install a fence on one of the sides of the square.

The protesters were also collecting signatures in support of the USR (Save Romania Union) legislative initiative to ban persons who were convicted in a criminal case from holding public offices.

Photo: Marius Cinteza, Facebook

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