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November 29, 2021

Seventh edition of Volkswagen Bucharest HALF MARATHON brings together over 16,000 participants

Bucharest RUNNING CLUB informs that more than 16,000 participants from over 65 countries took part in the seventh edition of the Volkswagen Bucharest Half Marathon.

Kenya’s Siele Patrick Kipkorir won the men’s half marathon (21.097 km) with a time of 01.00.05, followed by fellow nationals Konga Roncer Kipkorir, with a time of 01.01.19, and Kangogo Justus Kipkogei, with a time of 01.01.32.

Kenya’s Korikwiang Pauline Chemning won the women’s international half marathon, with a time of 01.10.07, followed by fellow national Cherotich Daisy, with a time of 01.12.07, and Turkey’s Abeylegesse Elvan, with a time of 01.12.27.

Record race times have been set in both the men’s and women’s races during this edition of the Volkswagen Bucharest Half Marathon.

In what concerns the national half marathon, Alexandru Corneschi won the men’s race with a time of 01.11.29, while Ionela Puia won the women’s race with a time of 01.23.34.

In the 10-km individual event, Moldova’s Liviu Croitoru won the men’s race, with a time of 00.31.42, and Romania’s Adela Baltoi won the women’s race with a time of 00.37.11.

The Hope Champions team won the Scholl Relay Race, with a time of 01.09.06.

Romania’s Bogdan Macovei won the men’s Popular Race, with a time of 00.09.28, while fellow national Florina Pierdevara won the women’s Popular Race, with a time of 00.10.11.

Alongside amateur and professional runners, Romanian and foreign social and sport personalities ran for one of the VBHM 2018 causes: Olympic champions – Andreea Raducanu, Georgeta Damian Andrunache, Viorica Susanu, Doina Ignat, Camelia Macoviciuc, Adelina Cojocariu Bogus, champions Anca Surdu, Diana Bulimar, Mariana Nenu, artists and radio-TV personalities Emma Zeicescu (TVR), Mihai Radulescu (TVR), Sonia Argint Ionescu (TVR), Mihai Gainusa (TVR), Bogdan Nicolai (bogdannicolai.ro), Sanda Nicola, Ernest (Kanal D), competitors from KanalD’s Exatlon show – Alina Pana, Anca Mihailescu, Rafaela Marcas, Diana Kovacs, Bogdan Mardale, Claudia Pavel.

On Saturday, 3,600 children (age 0-13) took part in the McDonald’s Children’s Race, each age category and gender having a different starting point, the start corridor being split into sectors over distances ranging from 0.9 to 1.4 km.

On Saturday, 1,500 teenagers (age 14-19) competed in the Carrefour Teenagers’ Race, over a distance of 2.5 km. The awards offered by Carrefour Romania consisted of IT equipment (laptops, fitness bracelets, tablets).

In the adults’ races, awards were offered to the top 5 athletes in each race. In the 21-km race, OMV Petrom offered cash awards and World Class vouchers. Bucharest RUNNING CLUB introduced the national half marathon category in which the awards consisted of cash, OMV Petrom fuel vouchers, and VW e-Golf test drive. The top three athletes, male and female, in the half marathon age categories received OMV Petrom fuel vouchers. The awards in the 10-km Volkswagen Individual Race (10.548 km) and the Scholl Relay Race consisted of cash and vouchers offered by World Class. In the Vodafone Popular Race, the top 10 male and female athletes received the latest mobile phones or electronic products.

In a first for Europe, at the seventh edition of the Bucharest Half Marathon, Volkswagen launched the Volkswagen VideoRunning Experience, the service that offers competitive race runners customised films with their own images taken during the races.

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