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August 15, 2022

Bucharest’s problems, debated at CCIB, at the first edition of the annual conference “FOCUS BUCHAREST: urban development, economy, mobility”

Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIB) organized on Thursday, in the Carol I Aula of its historical headquarters, the first edition of the conference “FOCUS BUCURESTI: dezvoltare urbana, economie, mobilitate” (e.n. – “FOCUS BUCHAREST: urban development, economy, mobility), an event included in the program of the special events dedicated to the 150th celebration of uninterrupted activity of the Bucharest Chamber.

The conference brought together representatives of the Bucharest business community, officials of the central and local administrations, as well as top specialists, aiming to clarify the problems occurred in the relation between the authorities and the business environment and to identify solutions and best practices designed to turn Bucharest into a modern metropolis of the Romanian business.

“Organizing this event by CCIB is an act of normality, totally in line with our past, and especially with the role we have assumed in the economic and social life of Bucharest. I present you just a few arguments: we have a history of 150 years that honors and binds us, we represent the strongest business community in the country (235 of the company registered at national level and 20% of the employees registered in Romania), we are the natural and long-term partner of the economic ministries and local administrations, as well as their interface with the Bucharest business environment, and we have the vocation of the constructive, open and honest dialogue” stated Univ. Prof. Eng. Sorin Dimitriu, PhD, at the opening.

At the official session, the participants had the opportunity to meet, in a structured framework: the Mayor of 5th District, Daniel Florea; the Deputy Mayor of the Bucharest Municipality, Tomnita Florescu; the State Secretary of the Public Finance Ministry (MFP), Oana Iacob, and the State Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP), Angel Gheorghiu.

“District 5 probably has the most important development potential, due to the free lands that can be used to implement large-scale projects and to support the neighboring project, the Magurele laser” stated the Mayor of District 5 Daniel Florea. Some of the large projects announced by the mayor are: the construction of a four-lane road from Razoare to Progresul, on lands where today there are former railway tracks that are decommissioned, the construction of the new headquarters of the Technical Military Academy and the involvement of the City Hall in supporting the Laser Valley through infrastructure constructions (it is estimated that 22,000 specialists who will work in the peak period at the Magurele objective will need housing and leisure facilities).

“Today, we are dealing with very important topics. We are actually pursuing an urban comfort that has to be managed on both its components, the physical one (roads, utilities, office and living spaces), and the human one. This management cannot be done without technology anymore. We must adapt ourselves!” stressed the Deputy Mayor Tomnita Florescu. The idea was strengthened by Sorin Dimitiru, who pointed out: “Bucharest offers opportunities, but we have to face several certain challenges, for which we have to find solutions together. Bucharest is a crowded city, for which optimization is very important. The Capital may be blocked if the projects to be implemented will not take into account the integration of the advanced technologies”.

State Secretary of MFP, Oana Iacob, underlined the openness of the Ministry she represents to identify, through dialogue, the real problems that the business community has to face and the solutions for them, and spoke about the fiscal and financial-fiscal measures recently adopted in order to simplify the procedures and to reduce bureaucracy, underlining their advantages for both the taxpayers and the local administration.

Deputy State Secretary of MDRAP Angel Gheorghiu presented the Ministry’s short and medium term projects, underlining the attention paid to the public-private partnership. The high governmental official also spoke about the role of the industrial parks in the sustainable development of the economy.

In the second part of the event, topics of major interest for the Bucharest business community were discussed: the transport infrastructure and the economic stakes, Bucharest Smart City, the access of the economic operators to public services in order to solve the administrative and fiscal problems. Presentations well-received by the audience were held by representatives of the authorities and top specialists from: the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration, the Bucharest-Ilfov Intercommunity Development for Public Transport Association, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the National Association of the Tourism Agencies, the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility, the District 4 City Hall, Oracle Romania, Fortinet, Musat and Associates.

The event was an excellent opportunity for participants to present their problems, to identify solutions for them, to interact with the speakers that attended the conference, and to initiate new business collaborations.

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