‘Hai cu noi in Hora’ Association starts Joyful Teaching in Romania workshop for public primary school teachers

Hora has opened its application process for Romanian public primary school teachers. 24 primary public school teachers and counsellors can participate in the third edition of the summer school workshop that will take place between the 9th and the 13th of July 2018 in Coltesti – Rimetea (Alba Iulia).

“After last years’ enormous success, we are launching today our open call, inviting participants to submit their application before the 11th of June. There are 24 places available for motivated participants. The selection process will be rigorous,” points out Ilse Baekelandt-Luyten, spouse of the Belgian Ambassador in Romania and Honorary President of Hora. “We are looking for teachers and counsellors who are highly motivated, who have a proven track record in social involvement and a working level knowledge of English, since the workshops will be held in English by foreign specialists. We are looking for ‘leaders who afterwards will carry out the newly learned skills in their professional environment.”

Hora is working under the patronage of the Embassy of Belgium in Romania, with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Education and the Romanian Institute for Research in Education. Hora has invited 3 experienced Belgian trainers of the Educational Academy of Belgium, specialized in giving courses of personal development to teachers. “The program of the 5 days workshop is tailor-made for the Romanian public,” explains Bruno Van den Bossche, general manager of the Educational Academy.

The trainers will work on 3 themes that have given great results for teachers and counselors in the rest of Europe: self-care (a healthy inner balance between your capacity to carry and the burden you are carrying), self-acceptance (meaning you have to learn to accept that you can fail sometimes) and discovery of the inner child inside of you (in order to better understand the children in classroom). The plenary evening sessions include the themes: Movement and dance, Stories and archetypes, Sound and voice. Working techniques used during the workshops are awareness, breath, body focus, activities using clay and crayons, painting, pastels, improvisational theatre and games. “Carmeuse is a company who wishes to contribute to a better world. We support the development of the educational system towards a sustainable direction, through our involvement in personal and professional development programs, encouraging the participation of teachers and counselors in the communities where Carmeuse operates. It is the third year in which we continue the partnership with Hora Association and we believe in the long term impact of this program,” confirms Lorena Felder,  responsible for Carmeuse Foundation in Romania, one of the major sponsors of the summer school Hora.

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