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June 28, 2022

Peles Castle hosted the first jazz concert of the ‘Sound of Music” Season

Consisting of musicians from Italy, Spain United States and Romania, the “Toma Dimitriu Quartet” held the first jazz concert of the “Sound of Music” Season at the Peles Castle, on May 12, 2018. Reaching its 10th edition, the event was organized by the Peles National Museum and the Interpretative Creation Union of Romanian Musician. The Quartet was led by the young pianist and composer who also gave the name of the band – Toma Dimitriu, considered one of the most active musicians of the new generation of Romanian artists; the other three musicians joined the team as a result of the fact that the Romanian performed on various stages of the world with each one of them.

The Romanian pianist Toma Dimitriu, the Spanish saxophonist Daniel Torres, the Italian double bassist Andrea Caruso and the American drummer Owen Hart Jr. met at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. The Romanian pianist started to perform together with Daniel Torres in 2014, and in 2016 they were the youngest artists invited to play at the “Jazz in Church” Festival from Bucharest. Dimitriu performed along with the Italian double bassist Andrea Caruso at the concert hall of the Groningen Conservatory, while he met the American Owen Hart Jr during the period in which he was a drums teacher at the jazz section of the same university.

All four of them formed the “Toma Dimitriu Quartet” and performed at the Peles Castle under the title “Soulful Encounter”, their performance being one more proof of the talent and experience of each one of them. Talking about experience, Toma Dimitriu, born in Bucharest, collaborated with artists from Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States, Columbia, Serbia and Austria, in projects such as ”The Pale Dot” with Mircea Tiberian, ”Free Style Trio”, ”Latin Duo”, ”Transylvanian Jazz” with Nicolas Simion Group, and ”Spanish Tenors Quintet”. He also performs in clubs from Romania and abroad, such as from New York or cities from France, Germany or the Netherlands.

As for Daniel Torres Salazar, born in Malaga, Spain, he studied the classical saxophone since he was 11. He continued his musical education at the jazz section of the Prince Claus Conservatoire from Groningen, the Netherlands, and in 2016 he graduated the master class of the jazz section of the Amsterdam Conservatory. He performed in various clubs in Amsterdam, Toronto, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain. After he performed together with Toma Dimitriu at the “Jazz in Church” Festival, Daniel Torres set up in Bucharest for a period, where he performed in the Radio Big Band, Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, collaborating with numerous Romanian jazz musicians.

The third member of the band, born in Italy, Andrea Caruso, started his musical education by studying clarinet, and after he discovered double bass, the musician dedicates most of his time to this instrument, studying classical double bass at the Foggia Conservatory. Later, he moved to Groningen, the Netherlands, where he started to perform with various musicians of the international jazz stage, such as “Falga” or “Trio Onirico”. He studied with musicians such as John Patitucci, Joe Locke, John Webber, Tineke Postma, Marc Copland, J.D. Walter, Robin Eubanks, and performed concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, China and USA. The fourth member of the “Toma Dimitriu Quartet”, born in Jacksonville, Florida, the American percussionist Owen Hart Jr., studied at Jacksonville University, and he is currently based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Besides the projects with various musicians from Europe and USA, he was one of the drums teachers of the jazz section of the Prince Claus Conservatoire from Groningen.

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