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June 28, 2022

“Victor Gomoiu” Hospital, the first hospital for children built in Bucharest in the last 30 years, was inaugurated

Mayor Gabriela Firea, PM Viorica Dancila and Health Minister Sorina Pintea inaugurated on Monday the “Victor Gomoiu” Hospital for Children in Bucharest. The hospital was built from scratch, being funded by the local budget and endowed by the Bucharest Municipality with cutting edge equipment.

“It is an extraordinary moment, at which we didn’t think anymore that we will participate, since there were so many problems. All of us wished to have a new hospital for children, the construction works have been started in 2012, but they were stopped in 2014. When I was appointed, we had to take this building almost from scratch. The total investment is ERU 48 million, all the departments moved from the old hospital are operational” Mayor Gabriela Firea stated.

The hospital, which is one of the oldest hospitals for children in Romania, was closed in the recent years.

The construction works for the new pediatric hospital were opened in the summer of 2013, the hospital being designed as the first emergency hospital for children made by the municipality in the last thirty years and the first pediatric university hospital in Romania.

With the new structure, the number of beds increased from 157 to 222, of which 202 beds are for inpatient hospitalization and 20 beds are for day hospitalization. The hospital’s built-up area expanded from approx. 5,660 sqm to 19,260 sqm.

At the same time, the number of operating rooms increased from 2 to 10, namely two rooms for ENT surgical interventions, four rooms for pediatric surgery and four rooms for pediatric orthopedics. The hospital has a green space of 3,400 sqm.

The cost of the works amounts to EUR 40 million, of which EUR 7.3 million are dedicated to medical devices. The money is allocated from the local budget.

The new hospital has a sanitary authorization since April 19, 2018.

Also the new medical unit is endowed with a high-capacity power generator so that there will not be any syncope in case of breakdown.

All the departments and compartments of the old hospital (the Clinical Department of Pediatrics, the Clinical Department of Neurology, the ENT department, the Compartment of Pediatric Cardiology) have been moved and they are functioning in the new building since April 23, 2018.

Besides, the hospital will have a playground in the hospital’s courtyard. This summer, through a project developed with the University of Fine Arts, the walls of the access stairs will be painted. Accommodation spaces will be arranged in the two parts of the building from the entrance into the old building, for the caregivers of the hospitalized children, as well as a center of excellence in pediatric oncology.

At the initiative of Prof. Dr. Victor Gomoiu, the hospital was put into operation almost 100 years ago, in 1927.

After the World War II, the hospital was exclusively pediatric, being named the “23 August” Hospital for Children.

Its current name, “Dr. Victor Gomoiu” Clinical Hospital for Children, was established in 1990, representing a tribute for the exceptional person and doctor, Professor Victor Gomoiu.

Famous names of the Romanian pediatrics have been working in this hospital, starting with Prof. Dr. Valeriu Popescu, and continuing with Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Dragomir and Prof. Dr. Constantin Arion.




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