DNA requests Dragnea’s sentencing to 7 years and a half in prison. Supreme Court postpones to May 29 the sentence delivery. PSD leader at the ICCJ: I asserted my innocence, I’ve committed none of the alleged guilty acts that the DNA has tossed in the indictment

High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) postponed to May 29 the sentence delivery in the case of the fictive employments from the General Directorate for Child Assistance and Protection (DGASPC) Teleorman, in which the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) requested Liviu Dragnea’s sentencing to 7 years and a half in prison.

At Tuesday’s hearing, DNA requested 7 years and 6 months in prison for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea, for instigation to abuse of office, and 2 years and 6 months in prison for intellectual forgery. Prosecutors also requested the cancellation of the suspension of the 2-year conviction in the Referendum case.

As for Dragnea’s ex-wife Bombonica Prodana, prosecutors requested the suspension of the trial, given that she paid her part of damage.

Liviu Dragnea, who is accused of intervening in order for two employees to be hired by DGASPC Teleorman and to maintain their positions, while they were actually working at PSD, was heard for two hours by the Supreme Court on March 21, claiming that the former Executive Manager of the Directorate, Floarea Alesu, or anyone else didn’t ever informed him that the two employees were not going to the office, receiving their salary without working. He also denied that he talked to Floarea Alesu about the DGASPC organizational chart, saying that the organizational chart and the budget adjustments of the institution had rigorous procedures and the one in charge with that was the Board of Directors.

The PSD leader also said that of almost 2,000 people employed by the institutions subordinated to the Teleorman County Council, many people were members of PSD and other political parties, and therefore he is naturally asking himself if he should have checked about each employee who is a PSD member if he is going to work: “I am naturally asking myself – should I have checked about each employee who is a PSD member if he or she is going to work? I myself am not going to the party each day. I wasn’t going there every day either. I was going to the party about once every two weeks. There were periods when none of us were going there for one month. When there was a County Standing Bureau, all the members, drivers, mayors, county councilors, many people were coming”.

Liviu Dragnea was faced in the court with the former General Manager of DGASPC Teleorman, Floarea Alesu. She claimed in front of the magistrates that she informed Liviu Dragnea right after she found out that the two employees who were working also at PSD weren’t coming to their office, at DGASPC, although they were receiving a salary, that she had several talks with him about the two employees, and that the PSD leader told her to be patient, because the situation will be solved, and to tell the other employees to work. The PSD leader denied all these accusations, claiming in front of the court that he never talked to the former DGASPC Manager.

At the end of the hearing, Dragnea said that he is trying to understand why he was sent to court without any evidence, only based on “rumors that were said while having a drink”, and claimed that he remained the “DNA’s target”: “Your Honor, I would like to conclude. As I said from the beginning, I read the file, the indictments, the statements. I am trying to understand why I was sent to court without any evidence, only based on some statements, some feelings, some rumors that were said while having a drink. I couldn’t understand it. What can I say, I remained and I am DNA’s target”.


Dragnea at the ICCJ: I asserted my innocence, I’ve committed none of the alleged guilty acts that the DNA has tossed in the indictment


After spending almost six hours there, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea left the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) headquarters on Tuesday, where the last court hearing took place in the trial concerning the fictitious employments at DGASPC Teleorman and where the closing statements were made.

“For us, those dragged in this trial, it’s a life experience that nobody wants and that one doesn’t wish upon one’s enemies. There are people who were there in the courtroom and whose lives are ruined, their mental state is ruined,” Liviu Dragnea said.

Asked whether his conscience is at peace, Dragnea said: “I asserted my innocence, I have committed absolutely none of the alleged guilty acts that the DNA has tossed in the indictment.”

Answering a question regarding the possibility of doing community service, Dragnea said: “In what concerns community service, I was very clear: I hope we won’t get to that point, I have asked for an acquittal and I have added that I have been working for the community for over 20 years.”

When told that the key persons in the dossier have pleaded guilty, Dragnea stated that pressure may have been put on them.

“Was this the topic? That they have admitted? I had three charges that were dismantled during the previous court hearing by the very persons who included me in the dossier,” Liviu Dragnea added.

Asked for his opinion on the seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence that DNA prosecutors ask that it be ruled against him in this dossier, the PSD leader claimed that the DNA would ask for “life imprisonment” for him and other political leaders.

“The DNA wants life [imprisonment] for me, for me and for other political leaders. The desire is that these abuses continue, this justice based on counterfeit evidence, threats, and frame-ups. That’s what this is about. Just like I said – too early –, eventually the court decides,” Liviu Dragnea added.


Codrin Stefanescu, about the imprisonment sentence requested by DNA for Liviu Dragnea: The Securitate system from Romania is absolutely odious


PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu launched on Tuesday an attack against the DNA prosecutors who requested imprisonment sentences in Liviu Dragnea’s case, for both the PSD leader and the other people investigated in the DGASPC Teleorman case.

“The Securitate system from Romania is absolutely odious, and it is proving this every day. Today, by the absurd request made by DNA in Liviu Dragnea’s trial, it even succeeds in shocking us. Regardless of the revelations recently made by people from within the system, of their statements given in front of the SRI Oversight Committee, in the public space or in the press conferences, they cannot stop the intention of the Parallel State to destroy PSD from its leader to the last party member” stated the PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu for MEDIAFAX.

He expressed his belief that judges “will take into account the political connotation” of the Liviu Dragnea’s case.

“I am sure that judges will take into account the political connotation of this case and the hunting and harassment to which Liviu Dragnea was subjected in the recent years, and they will release themselves from the pressures and blackmail made by DNA and SRI through all sorts of secret protocols, and they will judge this situation calmly and with celerity, because the merits of the case are totally deprived of any logic, and this clearly is one of the many political orders whose victims the PSD members were” the Social Democrat added.



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