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August 3, 2021

PM Dancila officially invited at Cotroceni for consultations on the relocation of the Romanian embassy to Israel, after dispute over Foreign Minister being invited alone

President Klaus Iohannis has invited Premier Viorica Dancila at the Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday, for consultations on the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The invitation shows that: “considering the opinions expressed by the Government regarding recent foreign policy developments, based on the dispositions of Article 86 of the Constitution, I invite you for consultations, on May 15, 1100 hours, at the Cotroceni Palace. The consultations aim to clarify aspects that have to do with Romania’s foreign policy, including the relocation of the Romanian embassy in the State of Israel, which represent urgent problems of special importance.”

At the same time, the document points out that the Premier can be accompanied by the relevant ministers.

The invitation comes against the backdrop in which President Klaus Iohannis invited Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu at Cotroceni, for Tuesday, but the information according to which the minister allegedly no longer accepted the invitation subsequently appeared.

The decision allegedly came after Premier Viorica Dancila, as well as the Speakers of the House and Senate, criticised the invitation extended to the Foreign Minister, arguing that the Premier “was skipped.”

“I hope I will have a discussion with the President. If he wants a minister to go at Cotroceni, the President must talk with the Prime Minister, this is how it is normal. He decides whether he must call or not. In a Government, for you to invite a minister you must talk to the Prime Minister, and this rule must be observed by everyone. If he wants a minister to go at Cotroceni, the President must call. Mr Melescanu talked to me and, if the Prime Minister gives her consent, he will go. I cannot consent to something I am not asked about,” Viorica Dancila stated.

The Head of State previously invited Premier Dancila to take part in talks on the topic of the Government vs. BNR conflict, however she refused the invitation.


Gov’t: PM Dancila informs President Iohannis that she will attend consultations to be held at Presidential Palace


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday will participate in the consultations on foreign policy matters, after being invited by President Klaus Iohannis, at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, reads a release of the Government.

“Mr. President, I received your invitation to participate in the consultations on foreign affairs matters of a topical interest, namely the recent developments in the Middle East and Romania’s bilateral relations with the Israel State. I am confirming now that I will participate,” said Viorica Dancila, according to the release.


Dancila, about Melescanu being summoned alone: President should call if he wants Minister to go to Cotroceni  


“President Klaus Iohannis should call the Prime Minister if he wishes a Minister go to Cotroceni Presidential Palace”, Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated earlier on Monday in reference to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Teodor Melescanu, having been summoned by the head of state to Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

“If he wants a Minister to go to Cotroceni, he must first discuss it with the Prime Minister, that’s the normal way to do it. He [Klaus Iohannis, ed. n] decides if he has to make the call or not. In a Government, in order to call a Minister, you must first talk to the Prime Minister, that is the rule and this rule has to be respected by everyone, just as I respect all rules that fall within the President’s scope. It is up to him if he wants the Minister to go there or not, he has to call. The President has to call if he wants a Minister to go to Cotroceni, we are still a Government, there are certain rules that need to be observed by everyone,” Prime Minister Viorica Dancila declared in Parliament, where she attended the Social Democratic Party’s Standing Bureau’s meeting.

Viorica Dancila said that Teodor Melescanu had a talk with her.

“Mister Melescanu talked to me, he talked to the Prime Minister, and, of course, if the Prime Minister agrees, he will go. I cannot agree with something that I was not asked about,” the Prime Minister mentioned.

The meeting requested by President Klaus Iohannis with the Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu will take place on Tuesday, the Presidential Administration announced.

According to the quoted source, the meeting will take place at 11:00 hrs.

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Saturday, at Blaj, that he will invite Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu, for the latter to explain to him the position that was adopted by Romania’s representatives at the discussion carried out at the level of the European External Action Service of the EU concerning the relocation of the diplomatic missions in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Tariceanu: PM cannot be subjected to a short-circuit  


Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Monday that it is normal for President Klaus Iohannis to call Viorica Dancila in order to summon Teodor Melescanu to Cotroceni to give explanations related to Romania’s delimitation from the joint letter of EU regarding the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem.

“I think PM Dancila spoke very clearly for everybody, it is simple to understand. These things cannot be done over the Prime Minister’s head. Ok? This is the reason and the way in which the institutional relation between the President and the members of the Government takes pace. Prime Minister be subjected to a short-circuit” Calin Popescu Tariceanu said.


Dragnea: I disagree with throwing Romania into dispute with US


The Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Monday he does not agree with “throwing” Romania into a dispute with the United States, showing that he will oppose such a situation.

Referring to the joint statement of the European Union on moving the embassies of some member states from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the PSD chairman stated that Romania’s diplomatic representative in Brussels had a position of further supporting the peace process, backing and stimulating the continuation of negotiations.

“Do you know whether there has been any vote? My advice is not to launch on the market all sorts of information from the belief that the public is not kept updated and takes only the wrong information from us. There has been no vote there. I understand the mandate he had was a balanced one (…) Where, with whom did President Iohannis consult, with whom did those in uniform, who work for various websites or publications, consult, so as to consider and decide that Romania’s best interest is to go public and condemn a US action? Here they have to come up with very clear explanations, given that we are NATO members, we are developing the army endowment, the defense industry, the strategic partnership with the United States, given the geographic position very close to Russia, let them explain to us why Romania must take action to condemn its main and powerful strategic ally, the United States. When we have these explanations clearly assumed and openly explained, not in the spur of the moment, then we can discuss. For Romania to be thrown into a dispute with the US, I do not agree with that. Whoever wants to do that must take responsibility for it and provide explanations,” Dragnea said at the end of PSD’s National Standing Bureau’s meeting.

According to the PSD leader, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has very clear attributions, and the foreign minister sends mandate proposals and assigns tasks to the diplomatic representations of Romania.

“We all hoped that the Basescu era was over. It seems that the Iohannis era is worse than the Basescu era.” Romania’s Constitution does not provide for a ?daddy’ position. There is the position of president, with some clear attributions, with clear limits in the Constitution We cannot stand indifferent and watch as some adventures generated by the interests of others can put Romania in a situation of confrontation with the United States. I do not accept that and I will do everything in my power to legally, constitutionally and politically prevent such an attitude and position,” the PSD chairman said.


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