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PSD’s Dragnea: President Iohannis undermines Romania. Any internal, external action that the Government is carrying out and doesn’t please the president, or doesn’t profit the president is attacked, undermined, even sabotaged. “What are Iohannis and his people preparing for the Premier’s resignation to happen?”

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea accuses that the head of state continues “a plan” or “a set of actions” that would lead to the resignation of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, just as he did in the case of former PM Victor Ponta and added that the latter’s resignation was “the result of a political case, judicial forgery,” and wondered what the Head of State is now “preparing” to determine Viorica Dancila to resign.

The PSD leader stated on Monday that “President Iohannis actually undermines Romania.”

“In respect to President Iohannis’s latest threat to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, it is the follow-up of a plan, of a set of actions of the President directed against the Government. Any internal, external action that the Government is carrying out and doesn’t please the President or doesn’t profit the President is attacked, undermined, even sabotaged. And even in case of Israel and the visit to Vatican, and the lies told about the economic results, the President undermines Romania,” the PSD leader stated prior to the PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) meeting.

Afterwards, he brought to mind the context of Victor Ponta’s resignation from the PM office.

“We recall that in 2015 Romania’s President insisted and put pressure so that Prime Minister Victor Ponta resigns. He went out and said that people had to die for this resignation to emerge. That resignation was the result of a political case, of a judicial forgery which has been proven over the past days and we ask ourselves the legitimate question – with this new tenacious campaign on PM Dancila’s resignation – what are Iohannis and his kind planning for this resignation to happen?” Dragnea stated.


PM Dancila feels threatened by President Iohannis


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila believes that the latest statements made by President Klaus Iohannis against her are threats.

“Look yourselves to the statements made by Mr. President and you will see that they sound like a threat,” Dancila told the journalists on Monday, at Parliament.

Asked if she feared a possible criminal complaint, which was among the possibilities mentioned by the PSD (Social Democratic Leader) leader, the PM said: “As long as Mr. President resorts to threats, anything is possible.”

Viorica Dancila hopes, however, that this will not happen.

“Still, we are living in a country where we must have democracy,” she said.


Dragnea: “Pope Francis promised the PM to visit Romania in 2019. The entire scandal was created by Iohannis and the way he reacts is unacceptable”


“Pope Francis has accepted to visit Romania in 2019, in the first half of the year, and the whole scandal that has erupted over this topic has been generated by President Klaus Iohannis,” PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday. He said that the way the Head of State reacts, “sabotaging and undermining the Government,” is unacceptable.

The PSD leader claimed that “this confusion” and the entire scandal over the Pope’s visit to Romania are “the result of an action that is impossible to accept” on the part of President Iohannis, “from the long series [of actions] meant to sabotage and undermine the Government.”

“The Prime Minister extended an invitation to the Sovereign Pontiff, and the answer was that in 2018 is not possible, but the Sovereign Pontiff promised that in 2019, in the first part of the year, he will visit Romania. (…) What happened subsequently is unacceptable. The way the President offends is hard to explain, but we will find the explanations in the following period,” Liviu Dragnea stated at a press conference that took place after PSD’s National Standing Bureau meeting.

He also claimed that Premier Dancila would not have taken the liberty to state publicly something that had not been agreed or “things that were not meant to be made public.”

“There is no infringement of protocol rules,” Liviu Dragnea added.


Dancila :The visit of Pope Francis to Romania is not carried out for the Premier or for the President, but for the Romanians


“The visit of Pope Francis to Romania is not carried out for the Premier or for the President, but for the Romanians”, Prime minister Viorica Dancila said on Monday at the end of the sitting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s National Standing Bureau.

“I’m a responsible person. I said His Holiness Pope Francis will come to Romania next year. I was very clear in what I said. Firstly, I want to clarify one thing: His Holiness’ visit is neither carried out for the Prime minister, nor for Romania’s President, it is for Romania and for the Romanians. And I wish Romania and the Romanians enjoy this visit, this is what should be taken into account,” the Prime minister said.


PSD leader says he is to do everything possible for political stability, doesn’t think about suspending President


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party said on Sunday evening that he rules out the alternative of suspending President Klaus Iohannis, mentioning he will do everything in his powers to avoid a political crisis in Romania.

“I haven’t thought about suspension and I don’t want to think about suspension. I don’t want to get to suspension. I will do everything in my powers for Romania to have political stability. I’m not event interested that it is the Centennial Year. Next year, Romania holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union,” Dragnea told Romania TV private television station.

The PSD leader says he learned that the representatives of some non-governmental organisations, endorsed by representatives of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR), want to file a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

“I pray to God not to get there. I believe that there is a red line that should not be crossed. It was crossed when Victor Ponta was the Prime Minister. It was enough. I say that they should understand that there have been elections in Romania, there is a solid majority that governs and it governs well. (…) Next year, whoever wants to run for president should take votes for what he/she is doing, not by attacking the Government and not by trying to remove Romania’s Government, which was legitimately elected,” Liviu Dragnea added.


“President Klaus Iohannis should ask for a mandate when goes at the European Council”


He stated that President Klaus Iohannis should ask for a mandate before he takes part in European Council summits, pointing out that this “is an obligation, not a rule.”

The Social Democratic Party President’s statement came against the backdrop in which he was asked, in a talk-show broadcast by RomaniaTV on Sunday evening, for his comment on the President’s statements according to which he is allegedly concluding “secret deals with the Jews.”

“The Prime Minister of Romania, of any democratic state in the world, can travel anywhere in the world, can meet anyone, especially when they receive official invitations. The Prime Minister met Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of Israel. I had meetings with the two at their official invitation. We have no reason to ask the President for a mandate. The President is not king, the President should ask for a mandate when he goes at the European Council. The President has taken part in summits. It’s an obligation, not a rule, because if important strategies are adopted there, the Government should know about it, in order to be able to prepare. The Government has transmitted to the President the results registered in the first three months, like Mrs Dancila committed to doing. That statement: ‘I don’t know what deals Dragnea made with the Jews’… I don’t do secret deals with anyone,” Liviu Dragnea stated on RomaniaTV.

He added that President Iohannis considers that Parliament is subordinated to him and that the President “had the nerve” to expect the House Speaker and Premier Viorica Dancila to ask for a mandate before paying the visit to Israel.

“That statement that he does not know what secret deals Dragnea has made with the Jews…. I do not make secret agreements with anyone. I did not hear him alluding to the secret protocols that outrage a whole country, and I do not make secret deals with anyone. I know that the officials in Jerusalem felt deeply offended. The Jews I met, the Premier, the President, the American ambassador to Israel. With this kind of people one doesn’t do secret, occult deals. Do you realise the enormity of those statements?” said Dragnea.

He added that the scandal related to his and Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s visit to Israel was artificially generated, underlining that the head of state has no exclusive foreign policy prerogatives. He also mentioned that a prime minister in a democratic country has the right to meet any dignitary in the world.

“I could not and should not have had to ask for anyone’s approval or for a mandate. His is a statement that shows the profoundly wrong way in which Mr President looks at the constitutional settlement of state bodies and the powers of each of them. Mr President is no king. He has no exclusive powers, and no authority over Parliament or the Government. The President must ask for a mandate when he goes to the European Council on important issues. The President has participated in many meetings of the European Council where exclusive issues were discussed that are exclusively in the government’s jurisdiction, and he had no discussions before or after,” Dragnea also said.

“I have lodged a report with the House Standing Bureau, which was unanimously voted. The President considers that Parliament is subordinated to him. It’s the supreme legislative body, it has the highest legitimacy in Romania and in the world. This attitude of contempt toward Parliament, this nerve to ask for a mandate when the House or Senate Speaker goes somewhere… But that doesn’t mean there aren’t reports,” Dragnea added.

Asked for his opinion on the fact that President Klaus Iohannis receives reports on his activity, Liviu Dragnea said: “They all do. I have no problem with that. I feel like in an aquarium and I actually feel protected.”

On April 26, President Klaus Iohannis stated that the Premier and House Speaker’s visit to Israel took place in secrecy, pointing out that Viorica Dancila did not have a mandate for the meeting. Referring to Liviu Dragnea, Iohannis said: “who knows what secret deals he’s making with the Jews.”


SocDem leader suspects President Iohannis “could have a protocol signed with the deep state”


Regarding the notification on the judicial laws that President Klaus Iohannis has lodged with the Constitutional Court, the Social Democratic leader stated that, metaphorically speaking, the Head of State could have “a secret protocol with the deep state” and that Iohannis has no reason not to promulgate the judicial laws, which already have the vote of Parliament and were declared constitutional.

“Of course, we have at our disposal the parliamentary procedures and the shortening, as much as possible, of the legislative process. PNL and USR didn’t file challenges out of the blue. The laws were declared constitutional in their totality. Since you have such a CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania] decision, why do you challenge? When the Court has already said they are constitutional. The statement that he will also challenge the third one at the CCR, just as he did with the others, and then he will send them back to Parliament, tells us he could have a secret protocol with the deep state. What would be the interest in knowingly blocking the authority of Parliament, endorsed by magistrates and declared constitutional by the CCR. The secret protocol is metaphorical,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening, on RomaniaTV.

“He said he would send them back to Parliament after they return from the [Constitutional] Court, which says what? That he is not interested whether they are constitutional or not, he is not interested in the correlation between certain articles, and he is only interested that these laws enter into force as late as possible. And what does this mean? For it makes one think he has a secret protocol signed with the deep state. What could be his interest when he exposes himself so much, when he exposes himself while being fully aware, and blocks the coming into force of such laws adopted by the Romanian Parliament – which is the only authority with legislative power in Romania, such laws supported by the associations of magistrates and declared constitutional by the Constitutional Court, which he still don’t want to see coming into force,” said the Social Democrat leader.

On May 4, President Klaus Iohannis notified the CCR about the unconstitutionality of law no.304/2004 on the organisation of the judicial system, which is part of the package of three judicial laws, the Presidential Administration informed. The President’s notification points out that the Section for Prosecuting Judiciary Crimes may affect the independence of the judiciary because it has a small number of employees. At the same time, the President complained that a single section for Bucharest, that would have to handle thousands of notifications, would affect the independence of the judiciary by rendering the new body fragile. The CCR has already decided that the body is in line with the Constitution. The Constitutional Court will discuss this notification on May 30.

On May 11, the Head of State notified the CCR about the law amending and supplementing law no.317/2004 on the Supreme Magistracy Council, the Presidential Administration announced. The Presidency pointed out that the amendments to law no.317 give new prerogatives to the judge and prosecutor members of CSM sections, prerogatives that, according to the notification, infringe upon the Constitution. The amendments to law no.317 have so far been challenged twice at the Constitutional Court.


PSD leader claims that the President is blocking “a wish” of more than three million Romanians


PSD Chair Liviu Dragnea also claimed on Monday that President Klaus Iohannis, by an “abusive behavior”, is blocking the Romanians’ wish to express through a referendum on the issue of the traditional family.

“I didn’t say in BPN that the President is breaching the Constitution, there were other colleagues who said that he is breaching the Constitution, I am not a specialist in Constitutional Law. Regarding your question, I see that the Romanian President is blocking an initiative, a wish of more than three million Romanians. Actually, President Klaus Werner Iohannis is blocking the Romanians’ wish to express through a referendum. This is what President Iohannis is actually doing, beyond his options, which I don’t judge (…) but here we see an abusive behavior of the President to block a wish to organize a referendum so that Romanians can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question, this is what is all about” Liviu Dragnea stated at the end of the PSD BPN, related to the fact that President Klaus Iohannis announced that he will challenge the amendments to the Referendum Law to CCR.

He denied that the Social Democrats decided to cancel the rally for supporting the traditional family.

“The rally will be organized when we’ll know the schedule, I am saying this for the tenth time” Dragnea stated.

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Blaj that he will notify the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) on the amendments brought by the parliament to the Referendum Law, mentioning that he is unsatisfied by the changes made to the law.

“Now, if you want to know exactly, I will repeat what I said before. I am not satisfied by certain aspects that appear in this law, and I will send it to the Constitutional Court” Klaus Iohannis stated.

On May 3, CCR rejected the notification of several PNL and USR senators on the draft law amending the Referendum Law, so the law will be submitted to the President Klaus Iohannis in order to be promulgated. It is for the second time when the Court debates this law; the previous time, the judges admitted the Opposition’s complaint.



“I’ll ask PM that we analyse all Gov’t members who have blocked paperwork / There’s also a gentleman at the MAE who opposes everything that comes from Gov’t


On Sunday evening, the PSD leader also stated that many of the Government’s projects are being blocked because of the ministry’s civil servants, the House Speaker announcing that he will ask Premier Dancila to carry out an assessment of all those who have blocked legislative acts.

“We have projects worth millions of euro, which have no chance of being done based on the current legislative framework. This ordinance keeps stalling. On Thursday, when the Government meeting was due to start, a civil servant said that the ordinance cannot be endorsed. He was asked: did you read the ordinance? He said no. Of course, it was subsequently endorsed. There is also a gentleman at the MAE [Foreign Affairs Ministry] who opposes everything that comes from the Gov’t. I will ask the Premier that we have a serious analysis of all members of Government who have blocked paperwork. I don’t know what the relevant minister will do with him. We no longer want to fool ourselves with the notion of coincidence. (…) If there’s a network, one thinks of the famous deep state, because it’s not possible, there must be coordination somewhere. This situation exists at county level too. There was talk of the deep state in the U.S. too, Trump came out to say it,” Liviu Dragnea said on RomaniaTV.

Liviu Dragnea added that Viorica Dancila fears only those who generate gridlock within the Government, not the criticism and threats coming from the outside.

“Mrs Dancila is a powerful, honest, fair, responsible woman and with each passing day she gains more experience and respect from the members of Government. She had visits abroad, she met the Sovereign Pontiff. Mrs Dancila is not afraid. I meant that someone – natural, legal persons – should not be tempted to cross this red line. Mrs Dancila’s fear has to do with these people who generate gridlocks within the Government. We must take care of this too,” Liviu Dragnea added.



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