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October 2, 2022

Dacia Plant from Mioveni operates with more than 800 robots for producing motor vehicles

Dacia Plant from Mioveni operates with more than 800 industrial robots for producing motor vehicles, approx. 80% of the parts are transferred by being automatically synchronized, while self-driven vehicle runs 31.5 km-day, thus the company producing one vehicle every 54 seconds.

The Mioveni plant produces an average of 350,000 vehicles annually, which means that one vehicle goes out of the manufacturing line in each 54 seconds, which wouldn’t be possible without investing in technology.

“The plant is modern, we invested EUR 2.8 billion in Romania, and we also invested in more than 3 million hours of training, and this is the most important thing in order to be ready for the future. I believe we are ready for the future and we are ready to develop our activities and future projects within the company” stated the CEO of Automobile Dacia and Groupe Renault in Romania, Antoine Doucerain, on Tuesday, being quoted by Mediafax.

The official mentioned that one of the main engines of the plant is given by the employees, for which reason the company invested more than 3,000 hours of training in the new employees from the beginning of 2000 until today, and this year, over 1,000 employments will be made.

“We have a training program for our employees. The job is quite complex and we have more and more technologies, so we have a pretty long process for training the personnel. We are planning to hire around 1,000 people this year, which is a quite important number, indicating the continuity in investing, which we are doing in Romania and in the company”.

Being asked what are the plans related to an electric or hybrid Dacia model, the company’s CEO stated that there is no such a plan right now. “For the moment, we don’t have such a plan, because right now we are producing affordable cars, and electric cars are not affordable from this point of view. Yet, we’ll never know” Antoine Doucerain said.

In 2017, Automobile Daci recorded a turnover 11.45% higher than in 2016, namely RON 23.1 billion (EUR 5.1 billion), according to the Administrative and Financial Manager of Automobile Dacia S.A., Liviu Bocsariu.

The result before paying taxes was RON 550.5 million (EUR 120.5 million), 9% higher than in 2016, Bocsariu stated. “In 2017, the operating profit followed the trend of the turnover, being RON 57 million higher than in 2016, so the business growth explains for the most part this favorable evolution”, the Manager said.

The contribution of the motor vehicles and auto parts sales to the sales was 92% of total turnover, higher than in 2016.

Exports increased by 10% compared to 2016, representing 92.6% of Dacia’s sales of vehicles and car components.

The total value of the investments made by the Renault Group at Dacia is about EUR 2.3 billion from 2000 until the end of 2017. “Totaling, since 2000, the investments made by the Renault Group in Romania amount to 2.8 billion euro. We are talking about investing in our new products (cars, engines, gearboxes, etc.) as well as investing in optimizing the production process (social conditions, automation, quality, cost reduction and integration of new technologies)”, Bocsariu added.

In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania reported a consolidated turnover of EUR 5.7 billion.

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