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October 21, 2021

“In Out” painting exhibition at the InterContinental Bucharest

“In Out” is the name of the latest painting exhibition taking place in the InterContinental Bucharest hotel lobby between May 17th and June 20th 2018, in partnership with Basil Gallery.

The collection of paintings created by Teofana Filip is a journey into the subconscious, the creative force whithin the artist, coupled with a blaze of colour that spreads energy, power and passion.

“I set off by studying elements of reality and sifting them through my personal imagination filter in order to transform them and create different versions of my own perception of the human face, natural phenomena, living creatures or natural environment. Each of my works expresses various emotional states and sentiments that came to life through my personal universe made up of actual shapes, signs and ideograms. I allowed my subconscious to take control of the ultimate creative function, and the canvases show my emotions and thoughts in a true expression of myself, drawing from both real and imaginary elements” states the artist.

Teofana Filip is a member of the Plastic Artists’ Union (Uniunea Artistilor Plastici), an alumna of the National Art University and professor at Galeria Basil.

“Our mission with this project is to offer young Romanian artists a stage. I am glad that we have succeeded to promote talented young people by offering them the opportunity to have their artworks exposed in an unconventional and cosmopolite space like the Internezzo Lobby Lounge” declared Lior Bebera, General Manager of the InterContinental Bucharest.

“Teofana Filip is not only an artist, she is also a mentor for the young students of our gallery, a setting that has become an involuted space of expression. Her energy and passion are not only expressed through her collection of paintings called <In Out>, but also passed on to those she shares her knowledge with” said Luminita Vasile, the coordinator of the Basil Gallery.

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