Basescu reveals a secret document of SRI related to “Gala Bute”: “It shows how they were reaching politicians”

Former President Traian Basescu revealed on Wednesday a document issued by SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service – e.n.), about which he says it is top secret and that he received it a few months ago, related to Gala Bute case, clearly mentioning its role and hoe the relation with the judiciary was working.

“It is a top secret document issued by U 0198 SRI on November 9, 2011, which I received a few months ago, and I would have never revealed it if I didn’t see the lie in the letter of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) sent to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ). I won’t read much, I tell you that the document speaks about people from a criminal case who committed offenses about which DNA doesn’t say much, and to be conclusive, I will read you just a few passages: ‘Under the art.14 of Law no.14 since ’92, and art.15 of the Cooperation Protocol concluded between the Prosecutor’s Office attached to ICCJ and SRI in order to fulfill their duties in the national security field, and following our letter dated June 24, 2011, namely the cooperation plan, we communicate to you’. Therefore, we understand that the protocol was fully operational and there was a cooperation plan between the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and DNA” the former President Traian Basescu stated in the plenary session of the Senate.

The former President also said that at the end, the document speaks about the beneficiaries of the information, too.

“The end of the document says that according ‘to the provisions of article 8 and 57 of the cooperation protocol concluded between the Prosecutor’s Office attached to ICCJ and SRI, in order to fulfill their duties, we ask you that the data presented will be intended to inform the case prosecutor according to the principle of the necessity to know without being included in the case file’. This top secret document shows that the protocol between the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court and SRI was fully operational, an action plan was set up, and the information sent to DNA wasn’t intended to be presented to the lawyer and to the defendants” Basescu also said.

The former President says that the document, which is related to the Gala Bute case, in which Elena Udrea was convicted by the first court, will be sent to the SRI Oversight Committee, to the Judicial Inspection and to the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Basescu says that the used mechanism shows how they were reaching to politicians.

“This time, this proves a system. You catch the briber and the briber and the bribed persons also to get rid of an important politician. The document is related to Gala Bute. Those mentioned in the document were either severed from the case or denouncers, after they made even 8 statements” said the Senator of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

Traian Basescu stated in the plenary session of the Senate that he decided to reveal the information after the data form Tuesday related to DNA’s answer on the SRI’s involvement in a criminal case. Although he didn’t indicate the name of the case, the statements show that it is about the letter in Liviu Dragnea’s case.

The final decision in the Gala Bute case will be ruled by the court on May 23.

DNA answered to the request of the Supreme Court on SRI’s involvement in Gala Bute case, mentioning that during the criminal prosecution, it requested SRI’s support for the enforcement of the oversight mandates, an expert’s report and the declassification of certain interceptions made according to some national security mandates.

In March 2017, Elena Udrea was sentenced by the first court, in the Gala Bute case, to six years in prison for several deeds. In the same case, Elena Udrea’s former adviser Stefan Lungu was sentenced to one year and six months of suspended prison, while the former Manager of the National investment Company, Ana Maria Topoliceanu, was sentenced to three years of suspended prison. Tudor Breazu was sentenced to three years in prison for complicity in bribery, Dragos Botoroaga was sentenced to two years and six months of suspended prison, while the former Secretary General in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) Gheorghe Nastasia was sentenced to four years of suspended prison for bribery.

Former President of the Romanian Boxing Federation, Rudel Obreja, was sentenced by the Supreme Court to four years in prison for complicity in bribery, five years in prison for tax evasion, and three years in prison for another tax evasion offense; the court merged the punishments and ordered a punishment of five years in prison.

On the other hand, former Minister Ion Ariton was acquitted for the offenses of improper participation to abuse of office and influence peddling.

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