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April 18, 2021

Heroes Day marked with ceremonies to honour the sacrifice of those who served the country to defend the liberty, integrity and the dignity of the Romanian people

The Ministry of National Defence is organising today military and religious ceremonies dedicated to Heroes Day in all major garrisons of the country.

This year, Heroes Day coincides with the 95th anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – a symbol of sacrifice and gratitude for the making of Greater Romania, in Carol I Park in Bucharest.

Under Law 379/2003 on graves and war memorial, Ascension of Jesus Christ Day was proclaimed the Heroes Day as a national holiday of the Romanian people.


DefMin Fifor : Modern Romania means the sacrifice of generations of heroes


Defence Minister Mihai Fifor sent a message on Thursday, May 17, Heroes Day, underlining that modern Romania was achieved through the sacrifice of generations of heroes who defended the nation’s ideals at the expense of their life.

“Modern Romania, the country in which we are now enjoying freedom and democracy, is the outcome of the sacrifice of the generations of heroes who have, quite often, defended the ideals of the nation at the expense of their lives. In their wake, bereaved families and unconsoled children were left and a dignified country where we have to build for the future of our children. We owe them, the fallen heroes of past wars and present theatres of war, our respect. Keeping them in our thoughts today, Heroes Day and Ascension Day, we will bring them a pious tribute at the monuments that are dedicated to them and the cemeteries where they rest. Eternal Glory to the Heroes of Romania!,” Fifor wrote in a Facebook post.


PM Dancila: I am grateful to those who defended our liberty, integrity, dignity


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday sent a message on Heroes Day, in which she expressed her “entire appreciation and respect” for those who, by sacrificing their own lives, defended the liberty, integrity and the dignity of the Romanian people.

“It is part of our tradition, of the Romanians, that once with the Christian celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, to pay an homage to our heroes, to keep their memory alive, to remember their acts of courage and pass their memory on to the next generations. Today, on Heroes Day, I want to show my appreciation and pay my respect to those who, by sacrificing their own lives, defended the liberty, integrity and the dignity of the Romanian country and people,” stated Dancila, according to a release of the Government issued on Thursday.

According to the PM, we owe the heroes not only the past of this nation, but also the appreciation that our country enjoys in the present among its foreign partners.

“They are the heroes who fought in the great battles of Romania’s history, those who saw their liberty taken away in the concentration camps and communist prisons, those who were wounded and fell on duty in the operation theatres where the Romanian Army fights alongside our Allies from NATO, and those who participated in difficult missions coordinated by the EU, OSCE and UN, in regions of the world where they face a high risk. To them we owe not only the past of this nation, of which we are proud, but also the appreciation Romania enjoys today among its foreign partners,” said Dancila.

The Prime Minister said she wanted to show gratitude for all the Romanian heroes.

“Let’s pay homage to them, with gratitude, for they are no longer among us, and to those who serve the country far away from home and from their families I wish them to return home safely. Our respect for all Romanian heroes!,” said the Prime Minister.


IntMin Dan: Due to them we can celebrate this year Greater Union Centennial


Interior Minister Carmen Dan conveyed Thursday a message on the occasion of the Heroes Day, through which she voiced her gratitude and respect towards the heroes of our people for making the supreme sacrifice on behalf of the values, principles and national ideals, for the future and stability of Romania.

“They marked our history and due to them we can celebrate this year the Greater Union Centennial. It is only appropriate to bow our heads with respect in front of our national recollection, because the present has always been indebted to the past and obliged to the future. It is not at all a coincidence that the Heroes Day is tied to the Christian holiday of the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, when we celebrate the victory of life over death. We live because our ancestors believed in us and, in our turn, we have the obligation to believe in the next generations,” Carmen Dan stated, according to a release of the Interior Ministry (MAI) issued on Thursday.

Minister Carmen Dan underscores that “the best lesson that the history offers us (…) is the power of example” and the sacrifices of our forefathers represent “the proof of a fulfilled duty,” and an example worthy of sharing it with our children.

“The sentence ‘Killed in the line of duty’ is terrifying. Its deep signification impels to modesty and respect, whether the heroes are our ancestors or our contemporaries. Militaries, policemen, gendarmes, firefighters, border policemen or MAI pilots who lost their lives while carrying out missions, they all are Romanians who believed in the oath pledged to the country, they observed and honored with no reservation. Dear Romanians, in this holy day, let us shed a tear of gratitude and appreciation for our heroes around all places and of all time, known or unknown, who sacrificed their lives on the altar of the homeland! Let us keep their memory alive and give them a place in our souls forever,” Carmen Dan added, according to the quoted source.

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