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January 22, 2021

Colectiv GTG 3010 Association moves to stop ‘offensive’, politically-charged emotional references to Colectiv tragedy

The Colectiv GTG 3010 Association asks Minister of Labor and Social Justice Olguta Vasilescu to produce evidence for the accusations she made recently, that the fire that ripped through the Colectiv club on October 30, 2015 was criminally set, or publicly own to using the tragedy for political purposes.

“The Colectiv GTG 3010 Association protests the statements of Minister of Labor and Social Justice Olguta Vasilescu who publicly claimed on May 17 that a criminal hand was behind the Colectiv club fire. We urge the Romanian government’s official to present evidence in support of these accusations or publicly admit that she has been using the tragedy for political purposes,” reads a release signed by association president Eugen Iancu.

Politically charged emotional references to the Colectiv case only deepen the suffering of the victims’ families, the association said.

“We consider that in their battle for electoral capital the politicians have overstepped the boundaries of decency. We hereby reject any political connection and electoral propaganda, regardless of how it is being disseminated. Politically charged emotional references to the Colectiv case are only likely to amplify the suffering of the families of those killed and wounded in the tragic fire of October 30, 2015,” the release states.

The Colectiv Association also cautions against the distorted use and speculation of the tragedy “triggered by corruption”, the concealment of the truth about the precarious condition of the medical system and foot-dragging in the settlement of the Colectiv cases sent to court.

“We want Romanian justice to be independent of politicians and those guilty to be held accountable! We demand that all abuse of the Colectiv club victims should stop!”, the release concludes.


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