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January 23, 2022

Firea, after Nicusor Dan invited her to a public debate in which she would have to present the mid-term review: But who is Nicusor Dan? Is he that gentleman who fooled Bucharest people and ran to a better paid job?

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea chaffs the Save Romania Union (USR) MP Nicusor Dan, who invited her to a public debate in which she would have to present the mid-term review, saying that he fooled Bucharest people after he obtained the vote in the General Council, then he left to a better paid job in the Parliament.

“But who is Nicusor Dan? Is he that gentleman who fooled Bucharest people, and after he got the vote to be a general councilor, he ran for a better job, a better paid job and with more sinecures in the Parliament? I give all my answers and the report in front of the Bucharest people, not in front of a man who avoided responsibility” Gabriela Firea stated on Thursday, when asked if she accepts the invitation made by the USR MP to present the mid-term review at a public debate.

On Wednesday, Nicusor Dan invited Gabriela Firea to a public debate in order to present a mid-term review, after the Bucharest Mayor accused Nicusor Dan on Tuesday that e comes to the meetings of the Bucharest General Council “to make noise, to raise his voice and to provoke”.

On April 19, a few USR parliamentarians including Nicusor Dan, wanted to take part to the meeting of the Bucharest General Council (CGMB), in order to present the draft law submitted to the Senate, by which deputies and senators have the right to participate in the council’s meetings and initiate resolutions, and if this right is restricted, this is deemed to be a contravention. The Chairman of the meeting Orlando Culea and the Deputy Mayor Aurelian Badulescu, together with the Local Police, didn’t let them participate or make statements into the meeting room, invoking the Council’s Regulation, and tried to make them leave the room.

Nicusor Dan was also kicked out of the CGMB meeting on March 28, after he requested to speak on the draft resolution related to the transfer of the investment objective “Buzesti-Berzei penetration” into the administration of the District 1 Street Administration and of RATB, claiming that the draft didn’t have a reception protocol. “A well-intentioned politician, who truly wants to improve the lives of his voters, should document and direct his energy into real projects, with real solutions, instead of persisting in error, accusing his political opponents of imaginary facts or failures” Gabriela Firea said at that time.

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