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May 10, 2021

Liviu Dragnea after Iohannis says he maintains resignation request and does not level threats like in gangster movies: I don’t attack a Romanian official when he’s abroad

Referring to the criticism levelled by President Klaus Iohannis, Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday, in Buzau, that he will not respond while Iohannis is paying a visit abroad.

Liviu Dragnea said that when President Iohannis returns to the country he will respond to all his criticism in an applied manner.

“When a Romanian official is abroad, I never attacked, I never badmouthed him because I don’t want that official, regardless of who he is, whether he is a political opponent or not, placed into a tight spot. After he returns, I guarantee I will respond, and I will respond in a fairly applied manner, not just to this statement but to all statements,” Dragnea said.

Asked by journalists for his opinion on President Klaus Iohannis’s statement, according to which “somebody is watching gangster movies too often,” Liviu Dragnea said he will offer all answers when the Head of State returns to the country.

“I know exactly what he said, and I guarantee you will not be dissatisfied in what concerns the answers. He’s over there, the President of this country that I love very much, and I will respond on his return to the country,” Dragnea said.

At the same time, asked whether the impeachment of the President is an option, Dragnea said: “Out of the question, certainly not.”

The PSD leader said he would have expected President Iohannis to talk in Bulgaria about the summit he attends there or about Romania’s interests.

Present in Bulgaria on Thursday, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said that his statement, according to which the Premier had better do as she is told, referred solely to her resignation, pointing out that those were not threats. The Head of State maintains his opinion regarding Viorica Dancila’s resignation.

“I can’t take the liberty to threaten anyone, it would be a primitive attitude. No, I referred precisely to the resignation, and if someone watches gangster movies too often, that’s their problem,” Iohannis said.

On Monday, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated that the “explicit threat” that President Klaus Iohannis levelled against Premier Viorica Dancila was made “in a Mafia style.” The PSD leader was referring to the fact that President Iohannis said that Viorica Dancila had better “do as she’s told.”


Bucharest Mayor, about the President’s request that PM should resign: It is an unconstitutional action


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea appreciates that the repeated request of President Klaus Iohannis that PM Viorica Dancila should resign is “an unconstitutional action”.

“It is an unconstitutional action” Gabriela Firea stated, when asked about President’s request that PM Viorica Dancila should resign.

Related to the journalists’ remarks that the head of state is not forbidden to request PM’s resignation, Firea said that she doesn’t want to make other comments, invoking the inadequate behavior on Europe Day. “Given Mister President’s kindness towards me on Europe Day, I refrain myself from making other comments” Firea said.

On Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis was asked if he maintains his request to PM Viorica Dancila to resign, and he answered “Of course I do”. He also said that his role is to watch, and if he sees that things are going wrong, he has the obligation to draw attention. “If those in PSD and in the Government don’t like to be somebody who shows them the mirror, they should work better” the President stated.

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