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May 29, 2022

Ludovic Orban files criminal complaint against PM Dancila for high treason and usurpation of office, over the relocation of the Romanian embassy to Jerusalem. PSD’s Dragnea on criminal complaint against PM: Unconstitutional demarche, an attempted coup d’état. Other reactions

On Thursday, National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban lodged with the Prosecutor General’s Office a criminal complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila, accusing her, among other things, of high treason and the usurpation of office, over the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The PNL leader accuses Dancila of “high treason, usurpation of office, the leaking of non-public information, and of presenting – in bad faith – to the Romanian President inaccurate information meant to hide the committal of acts liable to harm the interests of the state.”

Ludovic Orban accuses Viorica Dancila of publicly revealing confidential information and of presenting to the Romanian President false information concerning the relocation of the Romanian embassy to Israel.

Asked for his comment on this overture, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, present in Buzau where he attended events occasioned by the Heroes’ Day and the Centennial of the Great Union, told journalists not to ask him to talk about people who have nothing to do with heroes.

“What could I comment on this foolishness? Still, it’s the Heroes’ Day, don’t ask me to talk about people that have no connection with heroes, honestly.”


 Orban: I considered the overture a moral obligation


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Thursday, in Iasi, that he notified the Prosecutor General’s Office, in his capacity “as a citizen,” of the fact that Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea had disclosed classified information. The complaint is also for usurpation of office.

“I lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, regarding certain acts committed by Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea in connection with the preparation, adoption and public disclosure of the memorandum. I lodged the complaint in my capacity as a citizen of Romania. I considered the overture a moral obligation. I never accepted to remain passive toward things that affect Romania. They risk destroying Romania’s external credibility. They risk jeopardising the country’s fundamental interests. The notification concerns Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea. The clan of pygmies accustomed to playing on the shore of the Belina Lake cannot affect the interests of the country,” Orban said.


PSD’s Dragnea on criminal complaint against PM: Unconstitutional demarche, an attempted coup d’état


Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday that the criminal complaint made by the Liberals’ leader Ludovic Orban against Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is actually the “operationalization of the threat” made by President Klaus Iohannis, being an unconstitutional demarche, an attempted coup d’état.”

“It is a criminal complaint by Klaus Werner Iohannis. Orban is a pitiful tool. It was not his mind that decided that it is but the operationalization of Mr. Iohannis’ threat against Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. When I said on Monday that it is a mafia-like threat, he contradicted me. Reality proves that I was right. You are not doing what you are being told, we are filing a criminal complaint and we are sending you to the political police,” Dragnea said in Parliament.

He said Orban’s demarche is unconstitutional.

“This is a demarche which means an attempted coup d’état, namely taking power illegitimately, because that has always been in view. Mr. Iohannis, having experience with the six houses, wants to take the Victoria Palace for his own use. I also say that there is an article in the Criminal Code that refers to misleading the judicial bodies and making a criminal complaint claiming some alleged facts that would violate the criminal law knowing that they are untrue is an offense punishable with imprisonment,” Dragnea said.

“I also want everyone to understand that any person and any public servant who will continue to get involved in this demarche will actually be an accomplice to these two possible offenses. It is the same desire, the same plan, with other instruments, as the one in 2015, namely to take over the government without winning the election, by Iohannis and his political tools,” added Liviu Dragnea.

He also said that the current government will not give up and that the prime minister has total support.

“There is no grain of truth in that criminal complaint. We have spoken with legal advisers and we are seriously thinking about making criminal complaints against those who carry out such demarches,” Dragnea said.


Firea on complaint against Premier Dancila: Who lives by the sword, dies by the sword


Referring to the complaint that Ludovic Orban has lodged against Premier Viorica Dancila, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Thursday, at the start of the meeting of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (CGMB), that this seems to be the PNL President’s personal overture, adding that “who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”

“We are in an extremely tense political situation, I’m convinced that if this situation degenerates, the first victim of the political crisis will be Bucharest, apart from other important projects in the country, because, as I informed you, in recent months, during the mandate of Premier Viorica Dancila, Bucharest projects that required governmental intervention have been galvanised, most of them have been resolved and others are about to be resolved. For many of the country’s municipalities, just like for Bucharest, the current governance has been propitious because very many projects have been relaunched,” Gabriela Firea stated on Thursday, at the start of the CGMB meeting.


Rovana Plumb: PNL officially becomes a tool of occult interests


On Thursday, Rovana Plumb criticised Ludovic Orban’s decision to file a criminal complaint against Premier Dancila, the European Grants Minister pointing out that the PNL “is officially becoming a tool of occult interests.”

“PNL is officially and indubitably becoming a tool of occult interests, through the criminal complaint that Ludovic Orban has filed against Premier Viorica Dancila today. We are witnessing an attempt to replace the legitimate PSD government, based on a scenario like the one in 2015, when Premier Victor Ponta was dismissed,” Rovana Plumb points out in a communique remitted to Mediafax.

Rovana Plumb claims that, just like in 2015, Klaus Iohannis has repeatedly and insistently demanded that the Premier resign, and a criminal probe against the Premier has started.

“Now here is another grave action that tramples on the will and the vote of Romanians, that seeks to replace a legitimate and high-performing Government that generated economic growth and put more money into the pockets of Romanians. It’s the lowest gesture of the Opposition, a defining moment that could mark Romania’s exit from or continued presence among the democratic states,” Rovana Plumb added.


PSD Vice President: It’s an attempted coup d’état


PSD Vice President Doina Federovici reacted on Thursday to the criminal complaint that Ludovic Orban filed against Premier Viorica Dancila, stating that this action can be called an attempted coup d’état.

“It’s clear the elements of a coup d’état are met. When a minority is trying, through unconstitutional means, to overturn the ruling power elected by the citizens, that’s a coup d’état. That is exactly what Mr Orban and the PNL are now trying to do, and we cannot look at this gesture while ignoring the President’s threat toward the Premier. I hope other state institutions would not enter such a complicity that stands outside the law,” Doina Federovici stated, according to a PSD communique.

The PSD Vice President added that it is unacceptable for the PNL President to draw Germany’s name in his hazardous domestic political war.

“Mr Orban has chosen extremely poorly the moment of filing this complaint, immediately after his visit to Germany, thus inducing a false perception that his action is linked to the meetings he had there. I’m absolutely sure Germany does not agree in any shape with such crazy and undemocratic actions through which the PNL is trying to prompt the replacement of the Government in Romania,” PSD Senator Doina Federovici pointed out.


Olguta Vasilescu on Orban’s complaint: If it hadn’t happened in 2015 too, it would actually be embarrassing


Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Thursday, after Ludovic Orban announced that he has filed a criminal complaint against Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea, that this is an “awkward” attack like the one in 2015, when Iohannis asked for the resignation of the then-Premier Victor Ponta.

“If we read carefully the Criminal Code article on whose basis this complaint was lodged, or rather this notification – because they too have probably realised that they have no arguments for a complaint – they’ll see that treason is when there is a provocation of war against the country (…), an undermining of the economy, political undermining, or the undermining of the state’s capacity for defence, subjugation to a foreign power or organisation, helping a foreign power or organisation to carry out activities against national security. If it hadn’t been such a serious situation and, unfortunately, if this scenario hadn’t happened in 2015 too, it would have been really embarrassing,” Olguta Vasilescu stated for Antena3, while at the same time rejecting all accusations levelled against the Premier.



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