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October 4, 2022

The visit of the Mexican Parliament’s representatives in Romania ended with a trip on Prahova Valley

Being on a working visit to Romania since the beginning of this week, the Mexican Parliament’s representatives ended their mission with a trip to the most known resort on the Prahova Valley, Sinaia. On May 16, 2018, the last day of its presence in Romania, the Mexican parliamentary delegation visited the city of Sinaia and the City Hall, on which occasion they had a meeting with the Mayor of the locality, Vlad Oprea. The parliamentary delegation consisted of the Mexican Ambassador in Romania, Guillermo Ordorica, the Secretary III of the Embassy, Martin A. Borrego Llorente, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Parliament, MP Victor Giorgana, who is also the head of the delegation, and the Secretary of the Youth Committee, MP Rubí Cardoso. The issues approached at the meeting with the Mayor of the city were related to the development of the collaboration relationships, and the possibility to implement joint projects to be developed in the future in the tourism field was also discussed.

From May 14 to 16, 2018, an important delegation of deputies of the Mexican Parliament made a working visit to Romania, in order to strengthen the bilateral relationships between Romania and Mexico, through the interparliamentary dialogue. The program of the Mexican officials included, among others, a meeting with the President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and industry, Mihai Daraban, who reiterated, on the occasion of this meeting, the availability of the institution he is leading to strengthen the trade relationships between Romania and Mexico. “The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry encourages the Romanian companies to access the non-EU markets in order to increase and diversify exports, which are currently going mainly to the European Union market. The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and industry also constantly promotes the development of the local brands to generate added value as much as possible for the export”, Mihai Daraban stated. In this context, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations of the Mexican Parliament, Victor Giorgana, mentioned that Romania is a market of great interest for Mexico, given that the bilateral trade relationships between Mexico and EU benefit from a series of stable regulations under the Economic Partnership, Political Harmonization and Cooperation Agreement. “Mexico is in the process of identifying new international markets with which it intends to strengthen trade and economic relationships, in counterweight to the economic dependence that it has towards the North American states” Victor Giorgana stated.

According to the information provided by the National Trade Register Office, at the level of May 2017, 28 Mexican companies were operating in Romania, and the total value of the trade exchanges between Romania and Mexico at the end of the last year was of EUR 185.5 million.

Trade exchanges are regulated by the Economic Partnership, Political Harmonization and Cooperation Agreement between Mexico and the European Union, which entered into force on 1st of July, 2000.






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