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January 23, 2022

Dragnea on Orban’s criminal complaint against Viorica Dancila: We could talk about institutional antisemitism

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that Ludovic Orban’s criminal complaint against Viorica Dancila was devised at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace and, aside from other nonsense it includes, one could talk about institutional antisemitism because the State of Israel is treated as a foreign power with which we are in conflict.

“The topic in recent days, the criminal complaint filed by Ludovic Orban. The idea is taking shape that here we are talking, aside from other nonsense, about institutional antisemitism. When we read that complaint, it talks about accusations of high treason against an official who had official meetings with the heads of state and government of another country. Apart from the fact that it is a KGB-like approach, a Ceausescu-like approach, a Securitate-like approach that makes us recall the “foreign agencies” [discourse], the State of Israel is treated as a foreign power with which we are in conflict. In our opinion, it is an action that has caused major disservices to Romania. Both those who conceived this criminal complaint and the one who assumed it show great irresponsibility. Israeli citizens are accused of being agents of influence – I have seen comments saying they are allegedly spies – without any kind of responsibility, without minimum grounds, without any kind of proof or evidence. Based on this precedent, it means that all foreign consultants who have been in Romania in recent years and who will probably keep coming here, just like they go to other countries too, are agents of influence, and those whom they worked for can be accused of high treason,” Liviu Dragnea said.

He said that, this way, any Romanian official, regardless of his position, who has contacts with a foreign citizen that may hold an important office in another country could be accused of high treason.

“We are witnessing, for the umpteenth time, an attempt to topple a Government and to illegitimately take over power in Romania… the governance in Romania, because the power is still managed unconstitutionally and illegally by some institutions, trying to use some prosecutors. We cannot agree with a Government being toppled with the help of prosecutors, considering there is not the slightest truth in what concerns those accusations, aside from the aberrant character of the complaint itself,” the PSD leader added.

Asked whom he had in mind when he talked about those who devised the complaint, Liviu Dragnea said that, in his opinion, the complaint was conceived at Cotroceni.


“If they take over power illegitimately, we will use all legal and social means for the vote of the citizens to be observed, including a public rally of support for the Premier”


PSD leader Liviu Dragnea also stated that, if power is taken over illegitimately, then PSD will use “all legal, constitutional, public and social means so that the vote cast by citizens in December 2016 would be respected,” including a rally of support for the Premier.

“In what concerns the impeachment of the President, we keep hoping there is still a sliver of lucidity so that this aberrant overture [the potential suspension of Premier Viorica Dancila – editor’s note], aberrant to say the least, will not cross the red line and will not make things go out of control. So, we didn’t discuss, we do not consider impeaching the Romanian President but, as I said, we do not plan to remain inactive, to do nothing if we see things going in the clear direction, namely that of a Government being illegitimately taken over. Then we will use all legal, constitutional, public, social means so that the vote cast by citizens in December 2016, a legitimate vote, would be respected,” Liviu Dragnea stated after the PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) meeting.

He added that organising a rally of support for Premier Viorica Dancila “is not ruled out.”

“If need be, we will hold one, but this still depends on how this situation develops,” the PSD leader said.

Likewise, Dragnea stated that the Government led by Viorica Dancila enjoys the support of the ruling coalition.

“Our colleagues continue to support the Government. There is no kind of hesitation on the part of the Prime Minister or the PSD, or on the part of the ALDE colleagues and [ALDE] President Tariceanu, in what concerns the continuation of the governance. We have a stable majority and we still hope that there is still, somewhere, well-hidden, a form of lucidity, of responsibility and wisdom, so that this overture would not enter an area that goes out of control and we hope that Romania would remain in an area of stability that helps everyone, including ourselves, including our strategic partners,” Dragnea added.



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