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November 13, 2019

Wave of reactions after PNL President files criminal complaint against PM Dancila for high treason. PSD rallies around Premier, voices from PNL ask Orban to resign

After the wave of public reactions that followed his decision to lodge with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) a notification against Premier Viorica Dancila (whom he accuses of usurpation of office, presenting false information to the Romanian President, high treason, and the divulging of classified information in relation to the Memorandum that the Government adopted on the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem), PNL leader Ludovic Orban came up with more clarifications last Friday. The complaint also concerns PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, accused of divulging classified information, after he made public the existence of the memorandum on the relocation of the embassy.

On Thursday, the PSD leader labelled the complaint “a coup d’état attempt,” “a violent, undemocratic, unconstitutional action on the part of Iohannis and of those who support him, in order to block a Government,” and stated that any person who supports this overture will be an accessory to various offences.

The PNL leader’s complaint reached the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) on Friday, after the Supreme Court’s Prosecutor’s Office declined its competence in this case.

On Friday, Orban stated that when he lodged the complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila and House Speaker Liviu Dragnea he consulted “several people who are close to me and who know Law,” and that the Head of State has nothing to do with this overture, PSD falsely trying to pin the responsibility on him. “The entire document has been drafted along with these specialists who are close to me and who are those who actually opened my eyes, prompted me and encouraged me to carry out this overture,” Orban said.

In a press conference in Constanta, he explained that the notification refers to the circumstances in which the memorandum on the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was prepared, adopted, and made public, not to the issue of substance.


PNL’s Orban: Cannot accept Romania’s cardinal interests be negotiated as at flea market. Complaint has nothing to do with Iohannis. PSD falsely trying to pin responsibility on him


National Liberal Party (PNL, opposition) leader Ludovic Orban on Friday stated in south-eastern Constanta that he has referred to the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Supreme Court (ICCJ) in connection with the alleged criminal offenses of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and House Speaker and Social Democratic Party (PSD, main at rule) leader Liviu Dragnea, because he considers that by their action, the two have hurt the cardinal interests of Romania.

“I cannot accept that Romania’s cardinal interests be negotiated as if at the flea market and be abandoned for the private interests of Dragnea or Vasilica Viorica Dancila in terms of foreign relations. A country’s foreign policy is the fruit of an entire team’s effort. It cannot be that some people who understand nothing of what sensitivity is in terms of standings on foreign policy matters to mock in such a manner the relations so painstakingly built over decades of Romanian diplomacy,” Orban asserted.

In Orban’s opinion, the whole action of the governmental memorandum preparation and elaboration, related to the initiative of relocating the Romanian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might have criminal aspects, deeming as a civic duty to bring it up to the prosecutors.

“I submitted this referral as a citizen and I deemed it a moral obligation to bring it up. The referral is aiming at all the circumstances linked to the preparation, adoption, and transmittal to the public of the memorandum on the relocation of the embassy. I was, am and will be an advocate of the strategic partnership with the USA. I have always acted and pleaded for relations of friendship with the State of Israel. I was, am and will be an advocate of Romania’s status as an EU member, but of the status of a loyal, responsible, trustworthy partner at EU level, which acts in accordance with the treaties and the decisions of the EU bodies. My referral is not aimed at the substantive issue, it refers to the deeds committed throughout the entire period of this memorandum’s adoption,” the Liberal leader stressed.

Ludovic Orban commented the fact that the PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is behaving panic-stricken, one reason he threatens both Orban and some public servants who might be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office following Orban’s referral.

“The fact that he is threatening me will have absolutely no effect. I’m not afraid of you, Mr. Dragnea. You are used to ruling abusively, through menace, through intimidation, and yet you have not found your target, I’m not afraid of you. The most serious thing is that he is voicing menaces: ‘I want everybody to get it that any person, any public servant who will further get involved in this approach will in fact be accessory to these two possible offenses.’ I really don’t understand why they panicked after all, they probably feel guilty. If they had no emotion whatsoever in connection to their deeds, they wouldn’t have paid attention to this approach. It is not up to me to decide the guilt of any political leader or high public servant, this is the job of the prosecutor who will receive this file,” Ludovic Orban said.

When asked to comment on the PSD leader’s statement according to which the referral lodged by Orban with the PICCJ was written at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, Ludovic Orban replied: “A big lie! He is victimizing himself, he is trying to falsely make the president responsible for a step the latter has nothing to do with. This is my move: it’s true, I did talk to some close people with legal knowledge, but they are colleagues and friends of mine, and the whole document has been drafted together with these experts who are close to me. It is them who have actually opened my eyes and encouraged me to make this move.”





In parallel with Orban’s explanation of the reasons behind the decision to lodge a complaint against the Premier and against Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the main ruling party, reactions of vehement condemnation of or support for the Liberal leader’s gesture continued to appear. Meanwhile, several PSD county branches have adopted a resolution of support for Premier Dancila, while PNL voices, such as PNL District 2 Vice President Viorel Catarama, are starting to demand that PNL President Ludovic Orban resign “due to a series of blunders that put the party in a bad light.”


Liviu Dragnea: We’ll see that the complaint was drafted at Cotroceni


On Friday, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated that Ludovic Orban’s criminal complaint against him and Premier Viorica Dancila was drafted at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, something that will become clear once it is published.

“This notification, or whatever this tool has lodged, is devised and drafted at Cotroceni, and I believe we will all have access to the text and we will notice that it is devised at Cotroceni as a result of the threats that the President has levelled against Premier Dancila. I don’t know why it should be kept secret and we will realise that what I said before turns out to be true, namely Iohannis’s desire to brutally take over the Government by disregarding the result of the elections, using blackmail via his tools, putting pressure on the Romanian Premier, asking Orban to file high treason accusations,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday, according to Mediafax.


SocDem leader: “Iohannis sat at table with a state not yet recognised by Romania – Kosovo”


Dragnea added that President Klaus Iohannis “sat at the table with a state that is not yet recognised by Romania – Kosovo,” and did not present the topics debated at the EU – Western Balkans summit.

“One notices that there can be no relationship with Klaus Iohannis. (…) We have also seen that he sat at the table with a state not yet recognized by Romania – Kosovo. Is it bad, is it good? We read in the press all sorts of reviews made by all sorts of analysts. We don’t even know, did he consult anybody, did he make any decision there, did he promise anything on behalf of Romania? From there (from the informal meeting of the European Council and the European Union – Western Balkans Summit), he once again demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation and once again attacked the Government and PSD [Social Democratic Party, main ruling party ed.n.]. It is hard, almost impossible to hope that there can be an institutional relationship anymore, any kind of relationship with this man, because, unfortunately, to all signals, to all the invitations to dialogue, to all our desire for collaboration – which brought the criticism of some people of good faith against me – there was no answer,” Dragnea said at the Palace of Parliament.

“Absolutely nothing came from Cotroceni, at least in this year and a half. With all the requests made by me, by Mr. Tariceanu, made by the Prime Minister for a collaboration to exist, a consultation to take place on the big domestic and foreign issues, there was absolutely no reaction, no demarche to call us, to invite us to a discussion about Romania’s major priorities. Everything he does, he does on his own,” Dragnea added.

Asked whether the President should be impeached, Dragnea said: “This is not our stake now. More important than Klaus Iohannis, even if he does not believe it, it is Romania’s stability, but that does not mean that we will sit back and do nothing, that’s not going to happen.”


ALDE’s Tariceanu: Prime Minister Dancila enjoys all our support


President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Saturday in Timisoara that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila enjoys all his support and that of the ALDE, adding that President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban’s gesture will be labelled “a political slip.”

“We believe that this demarche [of Ludovic Orban] will be labelled as a political slip. (…) I take this opportunity and I say, as president of the ALDE and Speaker of the Senate, that the Prime Minister of Romania enjoys all our support and confidence at political and institutional level. The action carried out by Mr Orban goes beyond the bounds of political struggle. In the political struggle, between the majority and the opposition – certainly there is always good to have disputes, controversies, the Opposition must play its role as some sort of an auditor of what the ruling power does, but Mr Orban’s action, the overture at criminal level goes beyond the normal limits,” Tariceanu said.

In his opinion, the PNL leader’s gesture represents “a desperate attempt of the deep state (…) to maintain control over the politics of Romania.”

Moreover, the ALDE leader also believes that “the release of secret protocols concluded in the past between intelligence services and judicial system institutions” confirms his statements regarding the “necessity to end abuses and excess in Justice of gross violation of rights and freedoms.”

“This unacceptable situation, in which, through secret protocols the law was supplemented, the parallel and secret legislation was created, as well as the impossibility to realise a balance between defence and indictment, are very serious things that we have signalled and censured. This demarche that I’ve been carrying out continues (…) weakens the power of the deep state,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu added.


Basescu: I’ve talked with ambassadors, nobody believes that this initiative is independent, nobody pins it on Orban. If you ask him about its contents, he can’t reproduce it


Ex-President Traian Basescu states that he has been talking with the ambassadors accredited to Bucharest and to politicians from Brussels and nobody believes the criminal complaint that PNL leader Ludovic Orban filed against Premier Viorica Dancila is an independent initiative, but they attribute it to President Klaus Iohannis or German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead. Basescu added that Orban could not even be able to reproduce the contents of the complaint and labelled the action as “uninspired.”

“I’ve talked with ambassadors to Bucharest these days, with politicians from Brussels, nobody sees this initiative as being an independent one. Whoever you’re talking to, they attribute it either to President Iohannis or to Merkel. Nobody attributes it to Orban. In fact, if you ask Orban about the contents of the complaint, he is not able to reproduce it,” Traian Basescu told RomaniaTV on Saturday evening.

He labelled Ludovic Orban’s action as “uninspired,” believing it will lead to no result.

“We are in the novel situation in which the Opposition files a criminal complaint against the Premier, for high treason. Such an accusation is difficult to back, being the effect of the fact that the Premier was in Israel at the invitation of her Israeli counterpart. (…) I believe it was uninspired, especially given the reasoning offered. In my opinion nothing will come of it. (…) I don’t believe the Prosecutor’s Office will enter such a game. If it were to do so, the President wouldn’t get involved. It’s one thing to verbally demand a resignation and another to compromise yourself,” the PMP leader said.

“Do you realise how this madness looks in chancelleries? They made a blunder this time, especially with the President’s first reaction caught on tape – ‘I don’t know what deals he’s making with the Jews’ – and with Orban’s reaction, accusing Dancila of high treason. Orban will fall, in my opinion, because the mistake is far too big, regardless who suggested it to him. I want to believe President Iohannis is not involved,” Traian Basescu told the RomaniaTV private broadcaster.

He added that the Premier cannot be accused of lack of loyal cooperation between institutions, something that does not exist in the Criminal Code.

“I believe it was uninspired, especially given the reasoning offered. In my opinion nothing will come of it. (…) I don’t believe the President will enter such a game (suspending the Premier – editor’s note). It’s one thing to verbally demand [the Premier’s resignation] and another to compromise yourself through an official act, because the high treason accusation will never materialise,” Traian Basescu stated for RomaniaTV.

He explained that, even if the prosecutors were to start a criminal probe against the Premier and the President were to suspend the Premier, dismissing the Premier would not be in the cards.

“Let’s say that the Prosecutor’s Office were to enter this political game. If this slim possibility were to materialise, it will be of no use. Because the President can suspend the Premier, at most, but he can’t go further than that. So, then you have no reason to suspend him, because there is a clear article in the Constitution which says that the President cannot dismiss the Premier,” the PMP leader explained.

Basescu believes that Romania finds itself in this delicate situation from the standpoint of foreign policy because of the Premier, because the Government discussed in one of its meetings the topic of relocating the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but before doing that it should have informed the Head of State, who, according to the Constitution, can take part in Government meetings if topics of national interest or foreign policy are being discussed.

“The source of the problem is Ms Dancila herself, because they discussed the note regarding the relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during a Government meeting and, if we look in the Constitution, the President can take part in a Government meeting if issues of national interest, of foreign policy, are being discussed. Did the Government inform the President that it has an issue of foreign policy on its order of the day? It certainly did not. It’s the President’s responsibility if he did know but did not participate. But, from what I know, the President was never informed,” Basescu added.

The ex-President said that “we placed ourselves between the U.S. option and the EU option,” and, given the domestic dispute, Romania is obligated to adopt some decisions in a very short time.

“Daddy wanted to be the fatherland’s top pro-American and gave this signal in an unauthorised manner, which left the President off-side. At the same time, he put Romania in the position of rapidly clarifying the situation, ahead of time. This should have been discussed with the allies before making a position public. Romania is now in the toughest foreign policy situation in recent years,” Basescu said, referring to the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Likewise, the PMP leader said that extending DIICOT Chief Prosecutor Daniel Horodniceanu’s term in office is not a political matter but has to do with the regulations, the appointment in office of the new chief prosecutor being a lengthy process, and, since Horodniceanu’s term expired on Saturday, an acting chief prosecutor was needed.

“The mandate was expiring, so it had to be extended. When the office holder is appointed, Horodniceanu’s acting leadership ends. So, I wouldn’t mix the Prosecutor’s Office in the political broth. Appointing an acting [chief prosecutor] was needed, because DIICOT, given its daily activity, needs a chief,” Basescu pointed out.


Health Minister: I believe in Viorica Dancila. I know she doesn’t betray her country. On the contrary 


Health Minister Sorina Pintea stated in a Facebook post regarding the criminal complaint for high treason submitted by the PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban against PM Viorica Dancila, that she believes in Viorica Dancila and know that she doesn’t betray her country, on the contrary, appreciating that such high level accusations “may endanger the Romanians’ path to prosperity”.

“I regret to see that, in a favorable period for Romania’s development, there are high level accusations that may endanger the Romanians’ path to prosperity, which is the main objective of the Social Democrat Party. I believe in Viorica Dancila. I know she doesn’t betray her country. On the contrary”, Sorina Pintea wrote.

She mentioned that every time when she took decisions that positively influenced the Romanians’ health, she benefited from the “real and unconditioned support” of the Prime Minister.

“For our sake, I hope this ungrounded conflict generated by an opposition political party, will soon end” the Health Minister concluded.


Carmen Dan: PM is subject to a fake criminal situation. The PNL leader is only a servant, the Presidential Administration is not what it should be


Minister of Interior Affairs Carmen Dan believes that PM Viroica Dancila “is subject to a fake criminal situation”, referring to the complaint submitted by the PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban against the PM and Liviu Dragnea. Dan described Orban as a servant and stated that the Presidential Administration is not what it should be. Asked if PSD takes into account the suspension of President Iohannis, Carmen Dan said that “this is a decision to be taken inside the party”.

“We are living this movie we know, and I see that PM is subject to a fake criminal situation. We are surprised to see that she might be subject of a criminal case. This isn’t right. I believe that the PNL leader (Ludovic Orban, e.n.), who thought at this strategy, is only a servant. I am sorry for this slippage and I am sorry that the important institutions, the Government, the Presidential Administration, the Parliament, are not in an union at least when we are talking about the common interest, the citizen” Minister Carmen Dan stated on Friday, when she was visiting Dambovita.

She also said that Presidential Administration is not what it should be.

“Unfortunately, we are worried to see that the Presidential Administration is not what it should be. I thing all of us can make this assertion if we pay attention to the political and social issues” the Interior Minister also said.

Asked if PSD takes into account to suspend the President, Carmen Dan mentioned that “this is a decision to be taken inside the party”.


Fifor: We are obviously witnessing the political fight descended to the most abject level


“We are obviously witnessing the political fight descended to the most abject level, where they are trying, in the most Stalinist way possible, to demolish a Government which is legally formed. If this time they couldn’t do it form the inside, as in the previous governments, they use this so transparent trick, so that, based on a criminal action against the Prime Minister, the President will be able to suspend Mrs. Viorica Dancila and put an end to our government” stated the Defense Minister Mihai Fifor in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.


Supporting resolution for Viorica Dancila is circulating in the PSD organizations


A supporting resolution for Viorica Dancila was approved on Saturday at Timisoara, by the representatives of the PSD county organizations from Timis, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Arad, following the criminal complaint submitted by Ludovic Orban against the PM.

The PSD Timis Chairman Calin Dobra stated on Saturday, at a press conference, that the supporting resolution for Viorica Dancila, the governmental team and the party leadership was approved in a meeting organized at Timisoara. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of the county organizations from Caras-Severin, Arad and Hunedoara, as well as by the regional PSD Vice Chairmen Mihai Fifor and Natalia Intotero.

“Today (e.n. – on Saturday), at the PSD Timis Executive Committee, we had an extended regional meeting. A supporting resolution for PM Viorica Dancila and PSD national leadership was approved by voting, because a very clear message was sent by both the representatives of PSD Timis and the regional representatives. The message is that we need stability, that Romania cannot afford to change the Prime Minister and the governmental team. PSD, at national level, through the measures and the governing program for which it was voted by the people, is on the right way, even they are trying to distort this truth by any means. We have sent a very clear message to the two regional Vice Chairmen, to tell the national leadership that we are prepared even to go out in the street, if we must support this ide, because I don’t think it is normal and fair for PSD to lose the government as long as it was voted by people in 2016” Calin Dobra stated.

Also, the Defense Minister Mihai Fifor stated that the resolution was approved to send the message that we cannot witness “passively how they are trying to discredit” Viorica Dancila.

“This is the first regional meeting in this format, after the PSD Congress. Thus, we wished to give a signal that Timisoara has a very powerful organization which we respect, and an organization in which we wanted to be present today, along with the presidents of the county organizations from the West region. The most important topic of the debate was the situation caused by the criminal complaint submitted by Ludovic Orban against the Romanian Prime Minister, and I believe that the unanimity with which the resolution was voted says everything about the fact that the organizations in the West region have a single message: we cannot witness passively to the way in which they are trying to discredit the Romanian Prime Minister in such a moment, and of course, PSD has to show solidarity, unity and give an extremely coherent, rigorous and firm reply to the attempt to destabilize the Romanian government again and through this, to destabilize the country” Mihai Fifor mentioned.


Catarama asks Ludovic Orban to resign: After a long series of blunders, PNL is in a limit situation


Liberal Viorel Catarama is asking PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban to resign, accusing him of leading the party in a limit situation. The request comes in the context in which there is certain information that Tudor Chirila is preferred by some Liberals for the Bucharest City Hall; the artist denied this and labeled PNL as a “toxic party”.

“After a long series of incredible blunders that cannot be understood made by Ludovic Orban, the party reached a limit situation! Important leaders have also took a stand, and many others, even if they haven’t publicly showed, are deeply unsatisfied, even outraged! The last information released in the public space – Tudor Chirila should be PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, and especially his reaction – indicate a chaos that must be urgently stopped! The results of the last opinion polls revel that we, as a party, are on a wrong way; public opinion sanctioned the double language, the lack of the program and the defeatist behavior!” Viorel Catarama, the First Vice Chairman of PNL Sector 2, stated for MEDIAFAX.

Catarama is asking for the resignation or the dismissal of the PNL Chairman by the party.

“PNL is a big party, with a huge potential. It can defeat PSD by a direct confrontation with democratic weapons! It is time for Ludovic Orban to resign, otherwise the party has the duty to dismiss him. The Liberal voters, the right voters, were disappointed too many times, we don’t have the right to miss the last opportunity that we have!” Catarama also stated.

The accusations brought by the First Vice Chairman of PNL Sector 2 come after information was revealed in the public space that there are Liberal leaders who talked to people from outside the party, in order for them to candidate for the Bucharest General Mayor position. According to Realitatea TV, Tudor Chirila is the Liberals’ favorite person.

But the artist denied any negotiation, accusing PNL that is a party as toxic as PSD or ALDE.

“There weren’t and they will not be talks with PNL, a party that I appreciated as toxic as PSD and ALDE, for any public position or candidacy. I am not interested in any form of collaboration with the political mafia in Romania, represented by these three big parties and their little satellites” Tudor Chirila stated for Realitatea TV.

This is not the first time when Viorel Catarama publicly reacts against the measures taken by the party leadership. In January, after the negotiations held at Cotroceni for appointing the PM, Catarama criticized the fact that PNL didn’t go there with a proposal for the PM position and didn’t talk with the Opposition parties for a common candidate.

On May 9, the PNL Sector 2 political Bureau decided to support Vioral Catarama in the competition for the Bucharest General Mayor. But the PNL Bucharest Chairman Cristian Busoi announced that all the options within the party must be considered, and an evaluation should be subsequently made, based on objective criteria.


Former CCR President Augustin Zegrean: If Dancila will be suspended, there will be no Government after 45 days. This is an “atypical, hidden dismissal” of the Prime Minister


Former President of the Constitutional Court (CCR) Augustin Zegrean stated for MEDIAFAX that if Viorica Dancila will be suspended, the Government will be dissolved after 45 days, being an “atypical, hidden dismissal” of the PM.

“If (PM Viorica Dancila – e.n.) would be suspended and if she doesn’t come back in her position within 45 days, namely if the criminal trial, the criminal prosecution, is not solved within 45 days, if no solution to say it’s ok or not will be issued, she continues to be suspended. Which means there will be no Government after 45 days” the former President of the Constitutional Court Augustin Zegrean stated, explaining what could happen if President Klaus Iohannis will suspend Viorica Dancila as a result of a possible criminal prosecution against the PM.

He mentioned that, according to the Constitution, if PM cannot exercise his or her mandate for more than 45 days, the Government is dissolved.

“It would be an atypical, abnormal thing. This thing is not quite constitutional, because there is a text saying that the President cannot dismiss the Prime Minister. This means that if he suspends PM and he or she doesn’t return to his or her position within 45 days, this is actually a dismissal, which is not allowed by the Constitution. There is a clear text since 2003, which is as firm as possible, saying that the President cannot dismiss the Prime Minister. It would be an atypical, hidden dismissal. I can’t imagine how this could happen” Zegrean added.

He reminded that when the current Constitution was drawn up, this situation wasn’t considered.

“Nobody thought to the PM’s suspension, to such an end of the Government’s mandate. I was there when the Constitution was written, and no one had in mind this way of ending the mandate, the dismissal, and the text of the Article 107 is as clear as possible – the President cannot dismiss the PM. This means in any situation and for any reason. I don’t know what to say, it’s complicated. If this will be the case, Constitutional Court will have to issue a decision again. In the end ‘Constitution is as the Court says, the Court dictates the Constitution’” added the former CCR President.


Tariceanu asks Iohannis to distance himself from Orban’s complaint. The ALDE Chairman announced that his party will take part in a pro-Dancila rally


The ALDE Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu asked on Sunday the head of state Klaus Iohannis to distance himself from the criminal complaint of the Liberal leader Ludovic Orban, so that it cannot be considered as part of a plan.

“It seems normal to me, in this context in which the criminal complaint submitted by Orban seems to be the result of a stupid thing or of a madness, in order not to think that it is part of a larger plan, given that PNL is the presidential party, I believe the President should clearly and undoubtedly distance himself from this action which, otherwise, can be considered as part of a plan to remove the Government by undemocratic means. If the same methods that were used in 2015 to remove the Government by accusing the PM will be used again, the methods are too similar not to make us think that this is a larger plan, a well-established action” the ALDE Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

He said that President Klaus Iohannis must clearly say that he doesn’t have anything to do with such an action and that he doesn’t support it.

He also said that there are “written idiot things” in Ludovic Orban’s complaint, for which reason DIICOT might not ask for the approval to start the criminal prosecution against Pm Viorica Dancila.

Tariceanu also stated that starting the suspension procedure of President Klaus Iohannis is out of question.

“Politics is not exactly as you imagine, if a crazy ma throws a stone, everybody goes to take it. I think us, from ALDE, and those from PSD have proven we have political experience, we have the necessary wisdom to consider that the political stability is a necessary prerequisite for Romania to be able to grow economically and for us to be able to ensure the citizens’ welfare. This is our main goal, not to play politics with suspensions and other sanctions, but of course I cannot hide the bitter taste that I have when I see such actions made by the opposition party. I am asking myself if there are no other reasons behind this, and this is why I think a clarifying behavior of the president is required, by which he can show that he is completely out of any suspicions regarding a possible setup, game, arrangement for an undemocratic removal of a legitimate Government” the ALDE leader concluded.


“If a supporting rally for PM Dancila will be organized, ALDE will take part in it”


ALDE Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Sunday, after the TLDE Awards Gala, that if PSD will organize a supporting rally for PM Viorica Dancila, the ALDE members will take part in such a rally.

“I believe that such a rally can be done if those from PSD appreciate that it is necessary, although I don’t know if a rally is really needed. I believe that in such cases, it is at least necessary, not only useful, to be strong voices from PSD, and not only for supporting the Prime Minister” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

He mentioned that is a supporting rally for Pm Viorica Dancila will be organized, the ALDE members will take part in the rally.


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