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June 28, 2022

Kaufland Romania organizes apiculture workshops for children under the “Gradinescu” project

From the desire to familiarize children and adults with gardening and the possibility of having a healthy diet even in the urban environment, Kaufland Romania continues the “Grădinescu” project – the first community urban garden network developed in partnership with the Romanian Research Institute for Permaculture – and launches a new educational campaign: “Save the bees”.

Under this campaign, the “Gradinescu” specialists, together with the Association for the Protection of Bees and Wild Pollinators will organize a series of 15 educational workshops about bees, dedicated to the children in the Bucharest schools and kindergartens and to the communities around the urban gardens network.

Since May 20 is the “World Bee Day”, the series of workshops will start on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, and will take place in the community urban garden from behind the Kaufland Bucurestii Noi hypermarket (50B Bucurestii Noi Blvd.).

At these workshops, children will have the opportunity to see the bees live, to discover them by watching them a few centimeters away, safely, through the walls of a transparent hive.

Kids will be able to interact with the beekeeper’s tools, to wear a beekeeper suit created for their size, they will find out how honey and pollen are collected and how all the other “wonders” of the hive are made, being guided by specialists. The specialists will hold demonstrations and the special guest of the event will be the President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society, Dr. Stefan Stangaciu.

The access to the workshops is free and they are organized under the “Gradinescu” projct developed by Kaufland Romania in partnership with the National Institute for Permaculture, from the desire to provide the community with access to the knowledge, care and protection of the nature.

“We are glad to develop the ‘Gradinescu’ project by hosting the new series of educational apiculture workshops for children. Since the inauguration of the project, various events that brought the community closer to the nature took place in the urban gardens from the Kaufland Romania network: planting, care, celebration of the harvest, thematic workshops, garden recreation events, outdoor cinema or simply outdoor meetings. The project started from the desire to enjoy more green spaces, the silence of nature, and to learn together how we can value it, by promoting a new kind of social and environmental responsibility” stated the manager of CSR Kaufland Romania, Katharina Scheidereiter.

“Children will have the possibility to find out more about bees and their importance in our lives. Usually, kids are fascinated and very curious about learning on bees’ life in a hive, and these workshops provide them with an educational experience that is original, friendly and with a significant impact on the way in which they will understand the role of the little creatures in supporting life on Earth” says arina Stoica, representative of the Association for the Protection of Bees and Wild Pollinators.

“Through the ‘Save the bees’ campaign and the collaboration with apiculture specialists, we wish to bring joy to kids and support adults, those who are inhabitants of the areas around the urban garden network, since the ‘Gradinescu’ project promotes care for nature, community spirit, and supports the development of urban agriculture, by the own example” stated Ionut Badica, the coordinator of the “Gradinescu” project and the President of the Association “Romanian Research Institute form Permaculture”.


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