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April 11, 2021

Basescu denounces merger with UNPR: It’s started to be toxic, and their financial situation is horrible

Addressing the members of the party’s leadership, Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu proposed on Tuesday that the party denounce its merger with the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), claiming that “it is starting to become toxic for the party” and that UNPR’s financial situation is “horrible.”

“The party conference is up next, and this party conference should clarify things within the party, it shouldn’t confuse them or leave them as they are. The first point I hereby introduce on the order of the day concerns my proposal that at the party conference we should denounce the merger with the UNPR. For several reasons. Firstly, those with whom we wanted to merge have simply sabotaged a court decision through an enormous number of intervention requests, at each court hearing they wanted more intervention requests, even though they unanimously voted for the merger. Secondly, we have several advisors who have nothing to do with PMP’s policy, not to say that we also have MPs who sit and wait to see how they will jump ship just like they did when they joined us, around the time of the elections. Consequently, this merger is starting to become toxic for the party, and I will propose that we take it to the party conference, in view of denouncing the merger,” Traian Basescu stated at the start of the PMP’s National Executive Committee meeting.

He added that another reason consists of “the UNPR’s financial situation, which is horrible.”

“If the merger were to take place, apart from the pretentions we receive all day from various gentlemen who did not see fit to integrate in the party, we would also be taking over some huge debts,” Basescu added.

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