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January 17, 2022

PNL backs Orban’s criminal complaint against Premier. We can firmly say that PNL has become a party of denouncers

The National Liberal Party (PNL) decided during its Executive Bureau meeting on Tuesday to support the criminal complaint filed by Ludovic Orban. The decision was taken with 23 votes in favour, 3 against and two abstentions.

The vote came after Ludovic Orban’s criminal complaint against Premier Dancila was brought up during Tuesday’s meeting. Political sources have told Mediafax that there were Liberals who stated that they would not have decided to lodge a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office like the PNL President did.


PNL Senator: Mr Orban did not consult anyone. Today, by asking for the vote, he admitted his mistake


PNL Senator Iulian Dumitrescu stated on Tuesday that he voted against backing PNL President Ludovic Orban’s decision to file a criminal complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila, because criminal complaints cannot be a political weapon and Orban did not consult the party.

“President Orban didn’t consult anyone. By asking for a vote of support today, he has basically admitted his mistake, because there’s no difference between Orban the natural person and Orban the PNL President. I didn’t comment the decision, but it’s normal to discuss within the party and then take such an important decision. In his defence, Ludovic Orban said that the criminal complaint is a political weapon that can be used. I said I don’t believe you can use a criminal complaint in all sorts of situations. There are other institutions more vigilant than a natural person, I don’t believe a natural person can be more vigilant, regardless of their name,” PNL Senator and party whip Iulian Dumitrescu stated.

Dumitrescu added he was not informed before the PNL leader’s action, nor were Ilie Bolojan or Mircea Hava.

PNL President Ludovic Orban stated last Thursday, in Iasi, that he notified the Prosecutor General’s Office, in his capacity “as a citizen,” that Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea had disclosed classified information. The complaint is also for usurpation of office.

“I lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, regarding certain acts committed by Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea in connection with the preparation, adoption and public disclosure of the memorandum. I lodged the complaint in my capacity as a citizen of Romania. I considered the overture a moral obligation. I never accepted to remain passive toward things that affect Romania. They risk destroying Romania’s external credibility. They risk jeopardising the country’s fundamental interests. The notification concerns Viorica Dancila and Liviu Dragnea. The clan of pygmies accustomed to playing on the shore of the Belina Lake cannot affect the interests of the country,” Orban said.

Also last Thursday, the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) forwarded Ludovic Orban’s complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila to the competent prosecutor’s office, namely the DIICOT.


Codrin Stefanescu after Liberals decide to back Orban’s complaint against PM Dancila: We can firmly say that PNL has become a party of denouncers


PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Tuesday that PNL has become “the party of denouncers,” after the Liberals decided to back Ludovic Orban’s complaint against Premier Dancila.

“Starting today, we can firmly say that the PNL has become a party of denouncers. Starting today, the PNL no longer acts as an Opposition party. Instead, it simply acts as a subversive and radical organisation which is trying through any means, completely undemocratic means, to overturn the state power. Because during their leadership meeting today – and it’s important for all Romanians to find this out – PNL almost unanimously endorsed the lunacy initiated by Ludovic Orban, and decided, en masse, to support his criminal complaint against the Romanian Premier,” Codrin Stefanescu points out in a communique remitted to Mediafax.

Moreover, Codrin Stefanescu claims that, through these actions, after 140 years of history, PNL has reneged its glorious past, its forefathers, the party’s outstanding personalities, morality, abandoning all democratic political instruments and all political logic “by taking over the model patented by Traian Basescu and the Securitate State.”

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