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September 16, 2021

Gov’t passes national strategy promoting gender equality, combating domestic violence

The Romanian government on Thursday passed the National Strategy on Promoting Gender Equality and Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence for 2018-2021, governmental spokesman Nelu Barbu announced.

“At today’s meeting, the government passed the National Strategy on Promoting Gender Equality and Preventing and Combting Domestic Violence for 2018-2021 and an operational plan for its implementation. It is, in fact, a continuation of Romania’s public policies in the field of gender equality and the prevention of domestic violence, as well as a correlation of these public policies with all the EU public policies in this area,” Barbu told a news conference at the Government House.

According to him, the strategy targets several areas.

“This strategy addresses education, the labour market, the balanced participation in the decision-making process and inclusive gender approaches (…) The public policies to be implemented by the government will aim to increase awareness among children and young people over legal provisions in the field of equality between women and men, as well as to improve the labour market position of women, women’s participation in the decision-making process and the introduction of a gender perspective in national policies,” said Barbu.

He pointed out that, as far as preventing and combating domestic violence is concerned, the strategy focuses on improving the current legislative framework, ensuring the implementation of a primary legislation by adopting secondary and tertiary legislation, developing social services appropriate to the identified needs, ensuring access facilitation, quality victim-support services and measures against aggressors.

“This approved government decision was drafted following the ratification by Romania in 2016 of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention,” said Barbu .

“In addition of continuing Romania’s public policies in the field of the equal opportunities and preventing domestic violence and correlating them with those of the European Union, UN and Council of Europe, the law aims to develop a specific and coherent intervention procedure for various categories of specialists from different areas, as well as their continuous professional training, according to the new legal provisions, so that they will be able to have real achievements” reads a press release issued by the Labor Ministry.

Thus, some of the objectives in the field of equal opportunities between men and women for the period 2018-2021, in the educational field, provide the increase of the awareness of children and youngsters on the legal provisions in the field of equal opportunities between men and women and combatting the gender stereotypes among youngsters, the quoted source explains.

Regarding the labor market, the objectives are to encourage entrepreneurship among women and young people coming from disadvantaged environments, the improvement of women’s situation on the labor market and reconciling professional life with family and private life.

Other provisions are related to the increase the level of women’s participation in the decision-making process and to the introduction of the gender perspective in the national policies.

“In the field of preventing and combating domestic violence for the period 2018-2021, the objectives are:

  1. To improve the current legislative framework and to ensure the unitary implementation of the primary legislation through the adoption of the secondary and tertiary legislation;
  2. To develop social services appropriate to the identified needs and ensuring easy access, quality assistance to all the victims and measures against the aggressors;
  3. To develop and consolidate professional skills through the necessary and appropriate training and preparation for the intervention of various categories of specialists;
  4. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the central and local public administration to manage domestic violence;
  5. To develop collaboration relations between domestic partners and between the Romanian state and the states or international bodies that are involved in preventing and combating domestic violence;
  6. To increase the effectiveness of measures to prevent domestic violence and relapse;
  7. To develop non-violent attitudes and behaviors in order to reach the “zero tolerance” objective against domestic violence;
  8. To annually report the implementation level of the activities assumed under the ‘Prevention and Combating Domestic Violence’ Pillar and to provide its final assessment” reads the press release.

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