Premier Dancila contradicts Iohannis: Romania has reached European funds absorption rate of 17 pc

Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Thursday, at the start of the Government meeting, that Romania has reached an absorption rate of 17 percent in what concerns European funds, which means that “we are fast approaching the European average of 18 percent.”

“We have yet another piece of good news. On 22 May 2018, 288.02 million euro entered Romania’s bank accounts, representing the reimbursement of the payments related to the European Agricultural Fund for rural development. This sum comes on top of the 1.85 billion euro received so far for agriculture. This was made possible by the timely payment of subsidies – and I want to congratulate Mr Daea –, but also by the careful observance of projects, of rural development projects. Thus, since the start of 2018, Romania has received 2.14 billion euro as reimbursement, representing 67 percent of the sum scheduled to be accessed from the European Union by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,” Viorica Dancila said.

She insisted on replying to President Klaus Iohannis.

“And, since we are talking about European funds, I want to reiterate what Ms Rovana Plumb has said, namely that Romania has reached the percentage of 17 percent when it comes to the absorption of European funds, so we are fast approaching the European average, which is 18 percent,” the Premier said.

On Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis had warned the Dancila Government about the absorption of European grants, against the backdrop in which European Commission data shows that our country has used EUR 2 billion out of structural funds of EUR 23 billion earmarked for it.

“Regarding European funds, I want the following to be understood as a warning for the Government. In 2014-2020, we theoretically have 31 billion euro at our disposal. Of that sum, we have so far used 4.9 billion euro, which means 15.8 percent. Of the 31 billion, we have used so far less than 5 billion. These are the official data on the European Commission’s website, as well as official information from the Romanian Government. Out of the desire to present accurate information, I have looked for the latest data on the websites of the Government and of the European Commission. The latest information on the Government’s website is dated February 2. We are now close to mid-year. I do not know why the Government does not publish up-to-date data. Some will think they are hiding something or that they had other things to do. I have taken more detailed data from the European Commission’s website, where the data are obviously up-to-date,” President Klaus Iohannis stated.

The Head of State also criticised the absorption of structural funds, which stands below 10 percent.

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