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September 25, 2020

Liviu Dragnea after Ponta’s party recruits PSD MPs: Attitude of a rat shown by two of the party’s ex-premiers. A rat won’t bring the house down

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea criticised on Wednesday evening “the attitude of a rat shown by two of the party’s ex-premiers,” referring to the latest departures from the party, adding that “a rat or two won’t bring the house down.”

“They won’t succeed [in recruiting people from the PSD – editor’s note], we’re talking about the attitude of a rat shown by two of the party’s ex-premiers. Like any rat, they gnaw a bit, but after all a rat or two won’t bring the house down. The majority is stable, we have sufficient votes, they won’t be even close to collecting [the] votes for the no-confidence motion to pass, but I want to point out one more time. The final stake is not the governance, they are willing to sacrifice anything, including Romania’s stability, for those laws not to be approved,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday evening for Antena3.

Pro Romania founder Victor Ponta announced on Wednesday, in Constanta, that the party plans to demand the setting up of a parliamentary group within the House, after it has grown to 10 parliamentarians. The ex-Premier added that there were colleagues from the PSD who wanted to join Pro Romania but were refused because Ponta does not want “barons.” The Pro Romania founder announced on Facebook that House lawmaker Emilia Meirosu (PSD) has joined his party. Likewise, on May 17, he had made a similar announcement about House lawmaker Catalin Nechifor (PSD).


Ponta after Dragnea calls two ex-premiers “rats”: He plotted to topple us


Ex-Premier Victor Ponta reacted on Facebook on Thursday, stating that Liviu Dragnea plotted to topple him, just like he plotted against Mihai Tudose and Sorin Grindeanu, thus answering the PSD leader’s accusations that two former PSD premiers have “the attitude of a rat.”

“Dragnea’s insults have reminded me of Traian Basescu – and the fact that Liviu Dragnea was raised by Traian Basescu and sent to PSD to destroy it from within / I’m sorry that Basescu’s methods, people and discourse have been brought within the leadership of PSD – the people of good will from the PSD did not deserve this / just like in Basescu’s case, Dragnea’s insults show but one thing: FEAR; fear of people and fear of jail! So, it’s a good sign! I don’t know whether Dragnea referred to me in his insults, to Sorin Grindeanu or to Tudose – or maybe to Adrian Nastase –, he is envious of all of us and he hates us; he plotted to topple all of us because we are neither thieves nor his lackeys / I know for a fact that regular PSD members and the voters of this Party respect us and always greet us all with open arms – and they consider Dragnea and Dancila an embarrassment! The opinion of these people matters to me – and I will continue to do my duty toward them!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.



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