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February 25, 2021

Liberals table simple motion against Finance Minister. PNL to table simple motion against the Minister of Economy next week

A simple motion against Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici was tabled on Tuesday by liberals in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies.

“The National Liberal Party (PNL) is tabling a simple motion today against the finance minister. The lack of predictability of the Government in the field of fiscal policy seriously damages the economy, and also the tax havoc on the current Government leaves Romanians without pension money. It is a reality and I believe you all feel it but it is harder to accept it,” PNL deputies’ leader Raluca Turcan said.

In the simple motion, the liberals reproach the finance minister, among other things, that he did nothing to halt the “fiscal revolution.”

“With over 260 tax changes last year, you showed that you can be even more diligent in terms of instability and fiscal tinkering, operating over 120 amendments to the Fiscal Code in just three months,” say the liberals.

“Explain why, with a growing economy, budget problems are getting bigger,” say PNL’s MPs.

The Liberals are also asking for clarification on Pension Pillar II.

“Are you really going to have citizens pay their wages and pensions from the money accumulated in the individual accounts of Pillar II? Tell people what you intend to do, because the Governing Program was flowing with milk and honey,” reads the simple motion.

The Liberals are asking the minister to specify who is really in charge of the Ministry of Public Finance.


PNL to table next week simple motion with the Senate against the Minister of Economy, Danut Andrusca


Earlier in the day, the National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban announced that the Liberals will table this week a simple motion with the Chamber of Deputies against Finance Ministers Eugen Teodorovici and next week, a simple motion with the Senate against the Minister of Economy, Danut Andrusca.

“PNL made the decision to table this week a simple motion against Finance Ministers Eugen Teodorovici in the Deputies Chamber. The motion directed at the Finance Minister is grounded in the attempt to nationalise pension pillar II, the catastrophic budget execution on the first quarter and the transformation of Eugen Teodorovici who was saying one thing when not yet Finance Minister and who is currently doing everything against what he was saying when he was not the Finance Minister,” Orban said in Parliament, at the end of PNL’s Executive Bureau.

He specified that the Liberals will also table a simple motion against the Economy Minister next week.

“We have approved the tabling next week of a simple motion against Minister Andrusca, the Economy Minister in PSD [Social Democratic Party, major at rule, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, minor at rule, ed.n.] Government. The motion will be lodged with the Senate,” Orban specified.

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