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October 25, 2021

Confindustria Romania and UGIR focus on the problems resulting from the lack of manpower. A complex 8-month touring listening project, carried out throughout Romania

Over the past 8 months, Confindustria Romania Patronat, through a complex and articulated presence action throughout the Romanian territory, also characterized by the recent Sistema Paese missions organized by the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, has been able to gather the countless worries and problems of companies operating in Romania, resulting from the lack of manpower.

The public occasion to launch this important and strategic debate with the Romanian Government will be the BOTH WORLDS 2018 Economic Forum of Confindustria Romania, scheduled for the 6th of June in Bucharest.

“We wanted to carry out an extraordinary action, that of traveling systematically for several months throughout the Romanian territory in order to listen the voice of our entrepreneurs. We felt it was important to give priority to direct contact and not treat at a distance this issue that is vital for our enterprises. In such difficult moments, it was right to personally testify our solidarity and above all the intention to find concrete solutions for the lack of manpower. We have therefore chosen to travel many kilometers, to get off and get on the plane, rather than simply communicating via e-mail, certainly cheaper and less demanding, but that would have deprived us of those warm welcomes from our entrepreneurs, who have appreciated this action and have allowed us to take note, in the smallest details, of the business realities and productions affected by this problem. From this effort were born our proposals that could be decisive in the problem of the lack of manpower”, declares Rocco Ferri, the General Manager of Confidustria Romania.

Thanks to this complex survey and collection activity, Confindustria Romania Patronat has been able to develop solutions that could help and contribute to limiting the employment problems in Romania. Innovation, Italian best practices, welfare instruments, facilitated taxation, will be the mix of the next Both Worlds 2018 Economic Forum and of Confindustria Romania proposal for the Romanian Government.

An action as a business union, decisive and authoritative as direct ambassadors of the “VOICE” coming from the assembly lines, from the industry, from the agricultural sector and from the entire business world, that of the great Italian investments in Romania, but also of the small and medium-sized enterprises.

“We are proud to have had the sensitivity to focus on our greater territorial presence in order to directly collect the requests of companies strongly tested by this problem of the lack of manpower. Driven by a sense of responsibility, we have been activating, for several months now, that healthy, indispensable and dutiful process of supporting our companies in difficulty. This action has not gone unnoticed and therefore we are happy to have been also inspiring other praiseworthy initiatives on this topic, such as the survey/questionnaire, recently sent by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania (CCIpR) to their member companies. This greater appeal to raising awareness on the work theme has therefore generated further concrete actions also from other associations and institutions, actions that are certainly very important to make our patronal function even stronger. Moreover, in coordination with UGIR (General Union of Industries of Romania), we have established the objective of concretely activating a permanent working table with the Romanian Government, with the indispensable participation and contribution of the Romanian trade unions. Our proactive vision and innovation that characterizes all the solutions that we propose, will be a decisive basis for dimensioning this phenomenon that is not only worrying for companies but also vital for the entire development of the Country”, concluded Giovanni Villabruna, the President of Confindustria Romania.


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