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April 23, 2021

Victor Ponta launches Pro Romania Platform’s political agenda: In autumn we’ll nominate the presidential candidate. The candidate is in the room, but it’s not me

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta launched on Monday the Pro Romania Platform’s political agenda, announcing that a party conference will be organised in the autumn and will nominate the candidate for the presidential elections of 2019, a candidate who “is in the room here today.”

The ex-Premier announced that the Pro Romania party will lodge a request to form a parliamentary group, since it currently has 11 House lawmakers.

Apart from Daniel Constantin and Sorin Campeanu, the co-founders of the Pro Romania Platform, Victor Ponta was joined on stage by the rest of the “political acquisitions.” We are talking about former Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu, Nicolae Banicioiu, Augustin Jianu (former Communications Minister in the Grindeanu Government), Emilia Meirosu, Gabriela Podasca, Mircea Dobre, Mihai Sturzu, Catalin Nechifor and Alin Vacaru. The latter is also Pro Romania’s Secretary General.


Ecaterina Andronescu present at the event: I don’t intend to leave PSD


Ecaterina Andronescu, whose resignation from the PSD to join Ponta’s party was rumoured in recent days, attended the event organised for the launch of the Pro Romania Platform’s political agenda. Subsequently, it was speculated she would become the new political party’s presidential candidate.

Ecaterina Andronescu’s presence at the launch of the 2018-2024 political agenda of Victor Ponta’s party comes against the backdrop in which several PSD members resigned and joined Pro Romania.

“She [Ecaterina Andronescu] may be [presidential candidate]. We haven’t discussed directly, and I have no way of announcing anything. I’ll only say that, if there are two very strong candidates on the right side – Mr Iohannis and Mr Tariceanu –, it’s mandatory for us to have a strong candidate in the centre, centre-left area, and if PSD doesn’t have a candidate we have one that PSD members love. One of the candidates we would support with all our hearts,” Victor Ponta stated.

Pro Romania founder Victor Ponta pointed out that Andronescu was there because she was invited.

“I invited her and during this period I’m talking with very many of my former PSD colleagues. I’ve told them very clearly: Pro Romania is centre-left [party], it carries forward policies we’ve had in past years. If the issue of a political alliance is raised, I believe the most natural is still with PSD, but, of course, without Mr Dragnea and his team, and when they are right we support them, when they’re not right we criticise them,” he added.

“In October-November we will hold a party conference, not just to elect ourselves in offices, but to establish all these policies. We want to nominate candidates for the European Parliament from among those who speak the Romanian language and the English language well. I want us to nominate a presidential candidate, because at this moment there are two candidates. Both redoubtable. Mr Iohannis and Mr Tariceanu. In the centre, centre-left area, there is no candidate. We will nominate a candidate, the candidate is here today. The candidate is here in the room, and it’s not me,” Victor Ponta said.

On Monday, Ecaterina Andronescu stated she does not intend to leave the PSD even though there are things that dissatisfy her. The statement came against the backdrop in which the former Education Minister attended the launch of the political agenda of the Pro Romania party led by Victor Ponta.

“I don’t intend to leave the PSD, but the way things are happening lately, I cannot say it pleases me. I’m not thinking about this now (leaving the PSD – editor’s note). (…) I’m bothered that this party has been led a bit differently. The decisions are not [sic] taken by a single person, and this is liable to bother me,” Ecaterina Andronescu told RomaniaTV.


Pro Romania’s Ponta says party objective is a new government of Romania by 1 January 2019


Former Prime Minister and leader of the Pro Romania Party Victor Ponta says that the main objective of the party that he leads is to change the Dancila Government by 1 January 2019.

He stated on Monday evening, in a broadcast at the Realitatea TV private television station, that the future prime minister will be endorsed by both the Pro Romania Party and the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“On 1 January 2019, when Romania will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, let us have a government of competent people, speakers of foreign languages, professionals. (…) Until then, let us succeed in firstly convincing the people of the PSD because they hold the majority and the others to make a government that, for six months, will set an example in Europe, so they can say ‘what a Prime Minister I’ve met in Romania, what a Minister of Agriculture, of Education,” Ponta stated.

He mentioned that he does not believe that replacing a functioning parliamentary majority is possible, adding that the future PM should not be anti-PSD.

Victor Ponta also stated that the Pro Romania Party will not endorse a government led by leader of the National Liberal Party Ludovic Orban.

Furthermore, the Pro Romania Party leader admitted that his party might nominate a candidate for the presidential elections of 2019 that will also have the support of the Social-Democrats.

“We, because the PSD is not fit to propose a candidate, we will propose a candidate belonging to the centre-left wing, and also endorsed by the PSD and by Romania and by all those who are belonging to the centre-left wing,” Victor Ponta added.

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