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July 30, 2021

Ponta: Statute Cttee Chairman told me we can’t form a parliamentary group now; we’ll probably be able to do so in the following days, at least 3 more will join PSD

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Wednesday that he has talked with Ion Mocioalca, chairman of the House and Senate Standing Committee on the Statute of Parliamentarians and the Organising and Functioning of Joint House and Senate Sessions, and the latter told him that Pro Romania cannot form a parliamentary group at this time because it does not have ten House lawmakers that ran on the same list. Ponta however claimed that three more PSD lawmakers will definitely join his party.

“Mr Mocioalca gave me a very good piece of news: he told me we cannot form a [parliamentary] group now, in their view, because we don’t have ten House lawmakers who ran on the same list. For the time being we’re seven. In the following days we’ll probably be ten and – to quote Mr Mocioalca – I’ll file a request and they would no longer have a reason to reject it. I expect more, but three will definitely come, who ran on PSD lists,” Ponta stated at the Palace of Parliament.

Ponta states that if MPs left the Popular Movement Party (PMP) to join Dragnea, then there will also be MPs that will leave PSD to join Pro Romania, adding that he believes that Traian Basescu will join PSD too because he is friends with Dragnea.

“I thought Mr Dragnea told him to reject anything. So, I was getting ready for us to see how we can challenge it at the Court, but since Mr Mocioalca has given me the good news I rejoice because I know for sure that three more House lawmakers will come. In fact, when PMP members and Basescu’s people leave for Dragnea, some Social Democrats will come to us. We are now the new PSD, they are the new PD. I believe Basescu will come to Dragnea too, because they have nevertheless been friends for long and they are probably reuniting. Love is not forgotten over the years,” he went on to say.

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