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January 16, 2022

Barbara Stamm, President of the Landtag of Bavaria, decorated by President Klaus Iohannis

Barbara Stamm, President of the Landtag of Bavaria was presented on Friday with the Star of Romania National Order in the rank of Commodore, by Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, for her attachment to Romania, a country that she visited for over 100 times.

The event that took place at Romania’s general Consulate in Munich was an occasion of expressing the high appreciation and recognition for the friendship shown to Romania and the special contribution Barbara Stamm has had to the Romanian-German relations’ development on multiple levels.

“I’m very pleased to be here again, in the very core of Bavaria, next to you, for a special moment. Today I have the pleasant occasion to honour the activity unfolded by Mrs. Barbara Stamm, President of the Landtag of Bavaria. Esteemed Mrs. Barbara Stamm, your attachment to Romania is witnessed by the over 100 visits you have paid to our country and the numerous humanitarian actions and projects promoted in all Romania’s corners, in particular in the counties of Bihor, Botosani, Iasi, Ilfov, Neamt, Timis and Tulcea,” president Iohannis said.

“You, personally have declared in 2000, that you <>. In 1990, when you have put step for the first timed in our country and contacted the not tat gladdening social reality in Romania, you have chosen to not stay indifferent. On the contrary, you have gotten involved more and more actively, both through the very constructive dialogue you constantly had at all political levels and at the central and local administration’s levels, as well as through the projects unfolded by the “Bayerische Kinderhilfe Rumänien e.V” association fathered at your initiative in 1991. Moreover, you have proven yourself as a long-term partner of Romania from the position of Empowered of the Bavaria Gov’t for the relationship with Romania, as well as Chairman of the Romania-Bavaria Foundation for Social Assistance. The outstanding merits you’ve got in this ceaseless activity were being recognised by the Romanian authorities ever since the year 2000, when you were bestowed the Star of Romania National Order in the rank of Officer,” said Klaus Iohannis.

The president also emphasised that Barbara Stamm holds a strong political career, built up with her own efforts and backed in the almost 50 years since she decided to get involved in the political life, thus becoming a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU) in 1969.

“Being one of the most popular Bavarian politicians, Mrs. Stamm marked decisively the land’s policy, being surnamed “Bavarian Landtag’s mother.” Today’s ceremony is the more relevant as it takes place in the context of a triple anniversary: modern Romania’s Centennial, the Bavarian republic’s centennial and the bicentennial of the Bavarian constitutional state, since the adoption of the Bavarian Constitution back in 1818, which gives me the opportunity to remind that Mrs. Barbara Stamm is the first woman president in the Parliament of Bavaria’s 200-year history. The impressive political activity of Mrs. Stamm has constantly and harmoniously bound with the social one, thus fathering the very essence of the political activity, that is to serve the citizen and in particular the vulnerable ones. Her self-denial in all her social activities in Germany and abroad, her perseverance alongside her consistency she observed and promoted the Christian-social principles and values in the actions unfolded in the numerous official positions she held, do qualify her undoubtedly as a source of inspiration for the young generations of politicians and not only,” Klaus Iohannis said in his address.

In her turn, the President of the Landtag of Bavaria asserted that Romania and its peoples will remain in her soul.

I’m deeply impressed and I wish to thank from the bottom of my soul Mr. President for this high distinction. I visited Romania in the past decades for many, many times.(…) What I do remember very well are the images, the impressions I leave Romania with, beautiful images, a wonderful country, these are heartbreaking images of the meetings with the peoples, of course some painful experiences, in particular in the period immediately after the collapse of communism. In the past years, we made it that together to pass through better and not that good moments (…) An Indian erudite used to say: “Those who have real friends are rich”. In this respect, considering your awesome country and especially given your country’s peoples, I thank from my heart for this wonderful distinction. (…) Of course, this is mobilizing to go on the way you were doing. We know the huge challenges we’ve got inside Europe and you personally enjoy a high appreciation at European level. I wish and hope that it will now make it easier your work full of responsibility back in Romania, knowing that the European high officials in charge are not only next to you, but proud and grateful because you are the President of Romania. Loyalty is maintained, friendship is maintained and we are glad for it! Barbara Stamm

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