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January 27, 2022

House to debate, on Monday, PNL’s simple motion asking for Minister Teodorovici’s resignation

House lawmakers will debate during the plenary meeting on Monday the simple motion through which the PNL is asking for the resignation of Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici. The Liberals complain that Government measures lack predictability in the fiscal domain, and that the intention is to make the Pillar II Pension Fund optional.

PNL’s motion, titled ‘PSD-ALDE’s fiscal chaos leaves you without your pension money,” will be put up for final vote during the House plenary meeting on Wednesday.

“More than 4 months have passed since you were sworn in as finance minister and you have already missed the chance to prove that your actions – back when you were only Senator and chairman of the Budget Committee – were nothing but PR stunts within the PSD. (…) Minister Teodorovici, we are not reproaching you for the aberration dubbed ‘fiscal revolution,’ that the second PSD-ALDE Government endorsed and promoted as a cure-all for the problems of the Romanian economy, even though both Mr Ionut Misa and Mr Mihai Tudose knew very well that it will do more harm than good! We reproach you, on the other hand, for the fact that, even though you know the harm done by PSD-ALDE’s fiscal chaos, you shielded your inestimable personality from potential public criticism, and you have done absolutely nothing to eliminate the harm done by these fiscal modifications. Moreover, to the more than 260 fiscal modifications carried out last year, you showed you can be even more diligent when it comes to fiscal instability and patch-up, carrying out more than 120 modifications to the Fiscal Code in just 3 months,” reads the PNL’s simple motion.

The Liberals also reproach the Finance Minister with the fact that both he and his other Government colleagues want to make the Pillar II Pension Fund optional and then to abolish it.

“We ask you to no longer feign not knowing, not understanding, not being aware that the Government seeks to eliminate the privately-administered mandatory pensions! The pseudo-simulations you keep invoking, that the Finance Minister is or will be carrying out, do not seek the best option for the future sustainability of pensions but the way in which you can manage to faster patch-up the budget, which looks like Swiss cheese. We know you are neither the Labour Minister nor the Prime Minister to attribute pension domain competencies to you. Nevertheless, we all know that the money for pensions, for them to be paid, must exist in the budget each month,” the document reads.

PNL lawmakers also mention the fiasco generated by the Salary Law.

“It would be good for you not to forget that, when the Salary Law caused salary cuts for thousands of employees, Ms Olguta Vasilescu pointed to you, saying that she is not the one doing the country’s fiscal policy, that she raised salaries, but the Finance Ministry is to blame for the fact that they dropped. The administration minister is not taking responsibility for taking the investment money from all city halls in the country and is also pointing toward you! You have pushed public administrations into terrible underfunding, to make them dependent on the Government, namely you have sent us back in time, to the 1990s, when money was released only based on party membership card,” the mentioned source points out.

According to an announcement made by Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the Government wants the Pillar II Pension Fund to be optional, pointing out that a clear presentation of the Pillar II Pension Fund will be made later this summer, to inform citizens.

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