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December 2, 2022

Weather alert: Storms are moving in the south of the country, there will be torrential rains and hailstorms

The National Weather Administration issued on Sunday a storm weather report for the southern and central parts of the country, as well as for the hill and mountain areas, valid from Sunday, starting at 11.00 PM, when the Code yellow of storm will expire, until Monday evening, at 9.00 PM.

Meteorologists warned that since Sunday night until Monday evening, there will be period of increased atmospheric instability in the southern and central parts of the country, as well as in the hill and mountain areas.

There will be torrential rain falls with frequent electric discharges, short wind intensifications that will also turn into squalls and hailstorms. In the rest of the territory, such phenomena will appear on restricted areas.

Quantities of water exceeding 15…20 l/sqm and 30…40 l/sqm in isolation will be recorded in short periods or by accumulation.

Meteorologists announced a Code Yellow of increased atmospheric instability for 27 counties on Sunday, and important quantities of precipitation that can exceed 50 liters per square meter were announced. In addition, wind intensification and electric discharges will be reported.





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