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August 4, 2021

Congratulatory message of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Romania and Italy have maintained a privileged dialogue based on the historical links and common values

On the 2nd of June we mark the day when the Italian people chose – 72 years ago – the Republican form of government in a referendum held by universal suffrage.

But diplomatic relations between Romania and Italy go a much longer way back: for 138 years Romania and Italy have maintained a privileged dialogue based on the historical links and common values.

Moreover, Romania and Italy have been linked since 2008 through a Consolidated Strategic Partnership, which has provided the framework for a very intense calendar of high-level and sectorial meetings.

A cornerstone of the bilateral relation is, of course, the large Romanian community in Italy and the Italian community in Romania. The Romanian citizens in Italy form the largest foreign community there and the largest Romanian community abroad. Their contribution to the social and economic welfare of Italy is well recognized, while their contribution to bringing the two countries closer together remains unmatched.

At the same time, the dynamic economic cooperation is confirmed by the consistency of our trade and the growing interest of the Italian entrepreneurs to invest in Romania. Italy continues to be Romania’s second largest trading partner and the first foreign investor in Romania according to the number of companies. The big number of small and medium Romanian companies set up with Italian capital and know-how strengthens the structure of the Romanian economy and stands proof to the fact that this presence is here to stay, beyond the ups and downs of the global economic tides.

The bilateral cooperation extends to the European level, where Romania and Italy – a founding member of the EU – are two strong supporters of the European project and are constantly trying to better its policies. Both countries are trying to make Europe more cohesive, more competitive and more representative, in line with people’s expectations.

The similar positions of Romania and Italy on most important European topics provide for a solid basis on which we could work closer at EU level during these challenging times. Preparing Romania’s Presidency of the EU will provide us the opportunity to further consolidate our partnership in Europe, along our main priorities: convergence, security and enhancing Europe’s role as a global actor. Romania and Italy are both promoters of a stronger and more united Europe, committed to placing the “citizen” at the centre of our policies.

In 2018, our positions have been convergent on most of the current issues of the global agenda. We have an excellent cooperation during the Italian Presidency of the OSCE, as two countries fully committed to a free, open and democratic society, where fundamental human rights and freedoms must be cherished and preserved.

With all this in mind, it is a given that Romania and Italy will continue to share a strong partnership and that our bond will grow stronger.

Buona Festa della Repubblica!


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