Carrefour, the first retailer to introduce the 100% biodegradable bags at national level

Carrefour Romania introduces an innovative product at national level – the 100% biodegradable bags, a solution to eliminate millions of plastic bags. Based on natural polymers by a Romanian producer, the new bags will be available in all over the 320 stores in Romania by the end of July. The announcement was made on Tuesday at an event which brought together, on the World Environment Day, along with Carrefour Romania and the Ministry of Environment, all the partners that contributed to this unique project.

“We believe that introducing the biodegradable bag is a major step in promoting a better life and becoming the leader in food transition for all of us, by promoting a circular economy in Romania, an economy that favors biodegradable materials, quickly and safe, to the detriment of the environmentally toxic ones, and focuses on preventing the release of wastes that are hard to be recycled. The implementation of this vision by Carrefour is based on using the innovation and technology developed at international standards, together with our local partners, who are connected to global innovation systems. I want to congratulate our team, the Carrefour team, for the example it gives on the market. Our collaboration example can be a model of circular economy also to other Romanian retailers” stated Anca Damour, Corporate Affairs and Communication Manager of Carrefour Romania.

The bag, made in partnership with the first Romanian brand of 100% biodegradable packages – Biodeck, is made of corn starch and is imprinted with soybean ink, specially designed to quickly and completely biodegrade ( within 3 to 6 months) without polluting the environment.

Moreover, the bag is totally compostable (convertible into organic material by naturally appeared microorganisms) – according to the S0708 certification. In the beginning, the 100% biodegradable bags will be available for the Carrefour customers in two formats, with a capacity of 5 kg, and 7 kg respectively.

“We are excited about the Carrefour Romania initiative to implement sustainable policies related to replacing plastic bags with environmentally friendly bags, as well as about the fact that we found a partner that is willing to do this on a long term. Our bags are made of renewable resources, certified at European level and complying with the European Union Compostability Directives. Depending on heat and humidity, they fully biodegrade within 3 to 6 months, under composting conditions” stated Adrian V. Georgescu, Sales Manager of Grup Prodplast.

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