Ludovic Orban : PNL considers the possibility of organizing “massive protest actions” to support the censure motion

National Liberal Party (PNL)  Chairman Ludovic Orban announced on Monday that Liberals are discussing about the possibility to organize “massive protest actions” across the country, to support the censure motion against the Dancila Government. He didn’t mention where or when the protests will take place.

“We discussed about the preparation of the censure motion, about the stage of the negotiations and the possibility to organize massive protest actions to support the censure motion” Ludovic Orban announced at the end of PNL’s National Executive Bureau meeting.

Asked when and where these protests will take place, he said that they will be organized all over the country.

The PNL leader also stated he wishes that the rallies will bring together all the citizens who had enough of PSD.

“We will call all the citizens who had enough of PSD and who realize that PSD mocks Romania and thus it compromises each Romanian’s opportunities to have a better living, we will call them to the protests, along with our members and supporters” Orban stated.

In May, liberals announced that they decided to begin discussions in Parliament on filing a censure motion against the Government.

“We decided inside the Executive Bureau to begin all the negotiations, all the lobby efforts to ensure the maximum chances for the success of the censure motion” Orban announced at that time.

He said that Liberals will discuss with all the parliamentary groups on a possible support of the censure motion, “with all the parliamentarians who still have the smallest reason and the smallest common sense and who realize that Romania is pushed to the abyss under the leadership of Dragnea’s clan”.



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