PMP’s youth organisation: Government’s ‘Invest in You’ programme that offers zero-interest loans encourages dependence on state

The ‘Invest in You’ programme that will be adopted this week by the Government and which offers zero-interest state loans for youths is a populist measure that encourages dependence on the state, according to the representatives of the Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) youth organisation.

“This programme that will be adopted by the Government next week, through a legislative act, will give youths who are in education, but are not employed, access to state-guaranteed zero-interest loans of RON 40,000, for education, health, sport and culture, and the loan could rise by another RON 20,000 if its beneficiary is employed or gets a job while the programme is in force; but youths are not the only ones targeted, the number of persons eligible to contract a loan through this programme stands at 8 million. For persons aged 26-55, the value of the loan is RON 35,000, but it can be raised by RON 20,000 if the beneficiary is employed or gets a job while the programme is in force,” reads a communique that the PMP’s youth organisation remitted to MEDIAFAX on Sunday.

Instead of using non-reimbursable European funds to create jobs for youths, the Government prefers to approve a programme that encourages loans and the youths’ indebtedness to the state, the Opposition party’s youth organisation adds.

“What does this programme encourage? It encourages us to borrow in order to ensure and save our health, to borrow in order to be able to take our children to kindergarten, to borrow in order to be able to finish school, to borrow to be able to afford a computer, books and other didactic materials, to engage in sport, in culture, so on and so forth! More precisely, it encourages dependence on the state. We remind that the most vulnerable group in the 14-35 age bracket is represented by NEET youths aged 16-24, youths who are not employed and are no longer in education, for whom we have at our disposal non-reimbursable European funds through the Human Capital Operational Programme that the Romanian Government does not manage to adequately use,” the mentioned source adds.

Last Tuesday, Deputy Premier Viorel Stefan announced that the Government will adopt this week a legislative act that would see the state offering preferential loans, at zero interest, to persons who want to invest in their personal development, in order to cover expenses on education, healthcare, sport and culture. He added that, “according to our calculations, approximately eight million citizens could benefit from this programme.”

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated last Wednesday, in Marasesti, that the persons who want to benefit from preferential loans, at zero interest, guaranteed by the state, must enrol in classes, pointing out that she hopes as many youths as possible will benefit from this programme. The Prime Minister added that the programme totals 1 billion lei.

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