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June 29, 2022

Supreme Court magistrates sentence Elena Udrea to 6 years in prison in ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ Case. Decision is final

High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judges decided on Tuesday to uphold the sentence that ex-Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea received in the court of first instance, and to issue a final executory sentence of 6 years in prison against her in the ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ dossier.

On February 17, Elena Udrea announced that she is in Costa Rica. In April, the ex-minister stated she has the provisional status of political refugee, since March 21, and that one of her obligations is not to leave Costa Rica. She stated she is pregnant, being engaged to the father of the child.

Also on Tuesday, the ICCJ sentenced Rudel Obreja to 5 years in prison in the Bute Boxing Gala dossier. The decision is final.

According to High Court of Cassation and Justice magistrates, Rudel Obreja must serve five years in prison for complicity to passive bribery. In the same Bute Boxing Gala dossier, judges admitted the former Romanian Boxing Federation President’s request to eliminate the tax evasion charges brought against him.


Elena Udrea’s lawyer: We’ll attack the decision through all legal means


Veronel Radulescu, Elena Udrea’s lawyer, stated immediately after the ICCJ ruling, which saw his client convicted to six years in prison in the Bute Boxing Gala dossier, that he will attack the decision through all legal means, because the solution is unjustified.

“We will attack the decision, using the means permitted by law. I haven’t talked with Ms Udrea yet, because the decision has just appeared. It’s an unjustified and unfair decision, because it’s based on an unreal state of affairs, and we will prove this. On the other hand, because evidence was illegally administered, because she was not given the right to defence. You know that even her right to make a statement through means of communication was rejected. There are very many aspects in favour of an appeal for annulment, for revision,” lawyer Veronel Radulescu stated for Mediafax.


Obreja: I’ll respect the court decision even if I disagree with it


Former Romanian Boxing Federation President Rudel Obreja, convicted by the Supreme Court on Tuesday to 5 years in prison in the Bute Boxing Gala dossier, says he will respect the decision even though he does not accept it because “it’s great vileness.” He made the statements before turning himself in.

“It’s a decision that I must respect, even though I don’t accept it, because it’s great vileness. But if this is the decision, I respect it, because I must do so,” Obreja said before handing himself in.

Asked whether he regrets not leaving the country like Elena Udrea did, the former president of the Romanian Boxing Federation said: “I was abroad, and I returned because my kids are here, my family, my life is here. I’ve done a lot for this country and I’ll still do. It seems those who do things for the country are ostracised.”

“I congratulate Ms Udrea for not ending up in jail. She was able to do this, I wasn’t,” Obreja added.

He also said he is a fighter, a man of dignity, and he will keep fighting: “There won’t be a final here. Justice will be done.”


Traian Basescu, message for Elena Udrea: I recommend she defend herself


Ex-President Traian Basescu stated that his recommendation for Elena Udrea is that she defend herself, after the court sentenced her to 6 years in prison in the Bute Boxing Gala dossier on Tuesday.

“[Organising the Bute Gala] was a Government decision. I’m sorry. I too wanted the Bute Gala to take place. I wasn’t one who would say the world champion shouldn’t box in Romania. It had the Justice Ministry’s greenlight. I believe there is the revision path,” ex-President Traian Basescu stated after the meeting of PMP’s Executive College.

Asked whether he recommends the former Tourism Minister to return to the country, Traian Basescu said: “I recommend she defend herself. What she will do it’s her decision. I did talk [with Elena Udrea].”


Tomac: I hope justice is done. There are still courts she can turn to and we hope she’d have the power to carry on this battle


PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac stated on Tuesday that he regrets the situation Elena Udrea is in after she was sentenced to six years in prison, and that he has compassion for her, claiming that there are still courts she can turn to in order to prove her innocence.

“I’m telling you, as a man who knew her, because I worked with Elena Udrea from the beginning of forming this party, we regret this decision. I regret it because you can only have compassion for a person who is in this delicate situation. (…) I hope justice is done. There are still courts she can turn to and we hope she would have the power to carry out this battle of hers. She’s a person who is in difficulty, a former colleague of ours, and I believe that, from a human standpoint, we must empathise and wish her with all our hearts the strength to carry on this fight to prove her innocence,” Eugen Tomac said.




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