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February 3, 2023

The exhibition “100 Years Romania. 100 Sculptures. 100 Days” will be hosted by the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni

Over 100 sculptures, some of them having a height that exceeds six meters, made of approximatively 80 tons of material, will be presented at the Cantacuzino Castle starting from June 16, within the exhibition called “100 Years Romania. 100 Sculptures. 100 Days”, an event celebrating the Centenary.

The exhibition, which will end on September 24, will bring to the attention of the art lovers more than 100 sculptures made by some of the most appreciated artists. Thus, among others, sculptures by Peter Jecza, George Apostu, Liviu Mocan, Darius Hulea, Eugen Petri, Vasile Calin Filip, Gyury Csaba and Nicolae Fleissig will be exhibited. Visitors will be able to see works made of andesite, wood, metal, marble, bronze, stone, cement, granite, glass, steel and brass.

Over 100 sculptures will capitalize their tridimensional nature by being placed in a historical, neo-Romanian site, thus celebrating the dialogue between Romania’s beginning and its contemporaneity. The exhibition invites to knowledge, exploring the past and analyzing the wealth of perspectives, approaches and interpretations that capture multidimensional nature of the actual sculpture.

Over 100 sculptures will be exhibited in both the Castle’s garden and in the interior of the Art Gallery of the historical monument. A series of new promenade routes have been made for this exhibition, through an artistic and symbolistic intervention. Some of the most representative names of the Romanian post-war and contemporary sculpture will invite visitors to discover on these alleys both a comprehensive view on the plastic language of the sculpture and new perspective for assuming the future.

The sculptures come from all over Romania and Moldova, thus forming a Great Union of artists. Some of these works are already exhibited in the Castle’s garden, and the exhibition is enriched every day with other sculptures brought from all over the country. Thus, the exhibition, which will include 100 outdoor works and more than 60 sculptures inside the monument, will be completed before June 15.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on June 15 at 16.00, the event being attended by Kurt Neuschitzer, CEO of Zamora Estate, a company that owns the Cantacuzino Castle, Sorina Jecza, the President of the Triade Foundation, partner of the exhibition, Eugen Petri, sculptor and one of the curators of the project, as well as by art critics.

The works that will be presented at the exhibition “100 Years Romania. 100 Sculptures. 100 Days” come from both public and private collections and from the selection made after the project contest organized by the Cantacuzino Castle. At the same time, for a more visible representation, a catalogue which will include the sculptures that are part of the project initiated by the Art Gallery of the Cantacuzino Castle will be published.

The exhibition is organized under the guidance of the Triade Foundation in collaboration with sculptor Eugen Petri.

The Cantacuzino Castle was opened in order to be visited in 2010, and the Art Gallery was inaugurated in 2015, its first exhibition being dedicated to the Spanish painter Salvador Dali. It was followed by graphic works of the artists Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, as well as by contemporary art exhibitions with works signed by artists Andrei Gamart, Nadine Kseibi, Mirela Iordache and of the Society of the Romanian Figurative Artists.

Cantacuzino Castle was built in 1911 at the request of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino; the monument, which became historical, was one of the most modern buildings in Europe at the time of its inauguration.

Triade Foundation is present on the cultural stage of Timisoara since 2000 (founder: sculptor Peter Jecza). The program it encourages are related to art in public space, heritage recovery and restitution – through initiatives focused on artists of the ‘60s generation – pioneers of the contemporary art, supporting the young creators through the Juventus awards. It is a co-organizer of the Art Encounters Biennial (2015, 2017).

The exhibition will take place between June 16 and September 24, being open daily, from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM.

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