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June 28, 2022

20,000 ALDE members to take part in Saturday’s rally, Tariceanu announces

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Wednesday that approximately 20,000 ALDE members will take part in the rally against abuses in the judicial system, a rally that PSD will organise on Saturday in Bucharest’s Victory Square.

“We plan to bring [people] from all counties, based on the counties’ distance from Bucharest. Those within [a range of] 250 kilometres will have a higher quota, those within 250-500 km a somewhat lower quota, and those more than 500 km away will probably bring a small number, around 100 persons. Bucharest and Ilfov have much higher obligations, in the ballpark of 4,000. Overall, we expect approximately 20,000 persons,” Tariceanu pointed out.


Senate Speaker: We approved that Parliament’s parking space be used by MPs and those invited at the PSD rally


The joint standing bureaus have decided that the Palace of Parliament’s parking space can be used on Saturday by MPs and the participants to the PSD rally, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced. In response, House lawmaker Dan Valceanu (PNL) stated that the decision transforms Parliament into the building of PSD-ALDE and said that PNL disagrees with it.

“For the event scheduled on Saturday, during that day and in the afternoon, some MPs will probably want to come to Parliament to meet a series of citizens. As a result, even though I find it absolutely unnecessary, the Standing Bureau had to adopt the MPs’ use of the parking space on Saturday. I find it to be an excess of red tape on the part of Parliament’s apparatus, but we must do this kind of things too. We issued an approval for the parking space to be used by MPs on Saturday. If guests also arrive… you must know that the guests that arrive here daily use cars, they enter the parking space too, that’s clear,” Tariceanu announced.


PNL: It’s been decided that Parliament should become the PSD-ALDE building


On the other hand, the National Liberal Party (PNL) claims that it has been decided that Parliament should become the building of PSD-ALDE, which proves that “only their party” exists in Romania.

“The vote has been that this building should become the PSD-ALDE building. They want to come park here the auto vehicles that they will use to come at the rally. In PNL’s view, it is unacceptable for this institution to be used as an object for a party interest. Basically, it proves to us that in Romania there is nothing but their party. They first said that they have an event in which their members take part and they must park their cars at Parliament. This decision has nothing to do with parliamentarians, they want to bring the cars with which they transport parliamentarians to Parliament. They are doing what they want in this institution. (…) We are allowed to bring visitors only on workdays, you can’t bring visitors during the weekend, because there’s nobody here. They needed this vote because Parliament is closed during the weekend. It’s outrageous,” House lawmaker Dan Vilceanu (PNL) stated.

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