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May 26, 2022

Alpha Bank Romania, APPE and Tara Interactive launch “KIDS – A Successful Business” app dedicated to the financial education of children

Alpha Bank Romania in partnership with the Association for Promoting Performance in Education (APPE) and the developer Tara Interactive launch “KIDS – A Successful Business”, an app which is dedicated to preschoolers and primary school students, aiming to help them learn and practice financial concepts.

“KIDS – A Successful Business” is a combination of educational games, problem solving, and questionnaires. In a pleasant and useful way, the educational content of the app brings to the children’s attention various financial principles, such as saving money, wise management of expenses, or setting goals.

Through play and fun, kids will discover, among other things, what it means to manage money, buy materials, and pay for expenses. Depending on how much money they will spend, they can sell and save. As they develop their business, they will have to manage their expenses and make a profit. Going to the top level of the game, children will learn to build and lead a successful business, grow production, sell and make investments, as well as use banking services; they will be able to open an account, make deposits or loans, and pay them.

“Education is one of the most important themes in the dynamics of our days. Investing in our children’s education is the safest way to secure their future, even if it is a long cycle that requires attention and dedication. We live in an increasingly complex world from the point of view of technological advances and financial instruments and needs. It is therefore our duty to provide them with all the tools needed to integrate financial concepts in an easier way”, stated Sergiu Oprescu (photo), CEO of Alpha Bank Romania.

“Financial education is innovation in education through modern teaching methods and techniques used, b developing creativity and logical-mathematic thinking in students, by combining formal and non-formal and by the interdisciplinarity of the study subjects (notions of mathematics, Romanian language, drawing, history, geography, communication, entrepreneurship, etc., are combined). By teaching financial education in Romanian schools, we aim to implement the best practices in the European Union (recommended both by OECD and ECB) such as: the use of computer apps on economic themes (gamification) or the digitization of textbooks in order to train the new generation and to cultivate respect for work, money, people and institutions” stated Ligia Georgescu-Golosoiu, President of APPE.

“‘Kids – A Successful Business’ was born from our desire, as parents, to contribute to the financial education of children through the game. Inspired by my little daughters, I created and developed this app together with the TARA Interactive team, to reproduce life situations and thus to bring naturally the first notions of financial education and entrepreneurship at school or home” stated Vlad Lepadatu, General Manager of TARA Interactive.

The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android, from the web pages dedicated to the apps, as well as at www.alphabank.ro and www.appe.ro .

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