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September 29, 2022

Gabriela Firea: The downtown fee could be theoretically implemented according to the European models

General Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, stated on Monday that the Municipality is taking into account to implement a downtown fee, after a “large-scaled consultation”, and this fee could be implemented according to the European models.

“We continue to have pollution because of the traffic. We haven’t thought yet to a downtown fee, although it could be necessary. We don’t think that Bucharest or the citizens are prepared to pay the fee in order to enter the heritage area, downtown, without a large-scaled consultation” stated the General Mayor of Bucharest on Tuesday at a press conference.

However, Bucharest Mayor said that other European capitals also implemented such a fee.

“Theoretically, according to all the European components and models, the fee could be implemented, but we are trying to multiply and promote other measures, especially to encourage public transport through electric procurements, to encourage the construction of bicycle tracks”, Gabriela Firea added.

Bucharest City Manager Sorin Chirita also stated last week at a conference on mobility and urban traffic that Bucharest Municipality could implement a downtown fee, without mentioning the amount of such a fee.

“We have delineated the extended downtown area, we have also delineated the streets on which the downtown fee can be implemented (…) This will not happen overnight, but after we will implement all the measures to reduce pollution, after we will bring the buses and make an analysis on this matter. We cannot say today what the amount of a downtown fee could be. But it must not be disproportionate or exaggerated” sated Sorin Chirita at the conference called “The Future of Urban Mobility in Romania”.

Sorin Chirita mentioned for MEDIAFAX that this fee could be applied for streets and boulevards such as Magheru, Regina Elisabeta or Mihai Eminescu Street.

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