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January 25, 2022

The “Caragiale si Comedii” Festival will take place on June 9 and 10 at the Dalles Hall

The “Caragiale si Comedii” festival will bring on Saturday and Sunday, on the stage of the Dalles Hall, two of the most prestigious shows of the Teatrul Principal and an interactive theater show with dolls for children.

Carmen Tanase, Gabriel Fatu, Crina Matei, Adrian Paduraru, Ion Ionut Ciocia, Silvia Stanciu and Razvan Banica are just some of the actors who will play in “O noapte furtunoasa” and “Eu dau banu’, eu dau ora exacta!” on June 9 and 10, on the stage of the Dalles Hall.

The program of the “Caragiale şi Comedii la DALLES” festival includes the performances: “Intamplarea din padure”, which will be played on Saturday, starting at 11.00, “O noapte furtunoasa”, which is scheduled on Saturday, at 19.00, and “Eu dau banu’, eu dau ora exacta!”, on Sunday, starting at 19.00.

Tickets can be purchased from the Anticariat of the “Ioan I. Dalles” Popular University or at bilete.ro/bucuresti/sala-dalles.

Dalles Hall is one of the first cultural stages from Bucharest, it has a beautiful and long history which began in 1918, when Elena Dalles, the last heiress of one of the great families of the end of the 19th century, left by will a part of her great fortune for the establishment of a cultural foundation bearing the name of her son Ioan I.Dalles. In 1932, the building of the “Ioan I. Dalles” foundation was inaugurated and soon became a reference center for the cultural life of Bucharest. Over the years, some of the personalities who held conferences in the Dalles Hall were Nicolae Iorga, Octavian Goga, Gala Galaction, Virgil Madgearu, Tudor Arghezi, George Calinescu, and Tudor Vianu. The Dalles Hall also offered to the audience prestigious musical concerts of composers George Enescu (26 concerts) or Dinu Lipati, and in the same hall of tradition, artists Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Ion Andreescu and Iosif Iser organized exhibitions.

The festival is organized by the Bucharest Municipality and the “Ioan I. Dalles” Popular University.

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