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May 23, 2022

President Iohannis attends the B9 summit in Warsaw: High time to pursue security consolidation. Unity, coherence needed to adopt defence and deterrence measures on Eastern Flank

The NATO summit due in Brussels will be yet another contribution to a safer future of the member states, on Friday said President Klaus Iohannis, at the first plenary session of the B9 “Warsaw Plus: bringing the security of NATO’s Eastern Flank to the next level”, at the Presidential Palace of Poland.

‘The NATO summit will be yet another contribution to a safer future for us. At the Wales NATO Summit we responded swiftly and resolutely to the crisis that had broken out. At the Warsaw Summit we endorsed historic decisions and went on with the NATO’s adjustment process. It is high time that we continued to strengthen our security. The B9 states benefited from the measures adopted and equally contributed to enhancing the allied deterrence and defence posture and to advocating our partners. We must capitalize on this moment and make sure that the NATO is ready, has the capability to accomplish its tasks,’ Iohannis asserted.

He said that from its establishment till today, the B9 has verified its efficiency and stressed that the NATO Summit should reassert the Alliance’s solidity in its entirety and that of the transatlantic connection.

‘The fair sharing of responsibilities contributes to the allied unity and solidarity and in equal measure, to a strong Alliance. This is our main approach,’ Klaus Iohannis specified.

The President indicated the concrete steps to have in mind, mainly the NATO adjustment to the new security environment that brings ceaseless challenges. ‘We have to make sure that we have the necessary staff with the proper fight capacity, together with the command structure and the suitable capabilities to efficiently deter Russia,’ he added.

Iohannis considers that a unitary approach of the advanced allied presence on the Eastern flank should be supported at July’s NATO Summit.

‘Moreover, we must stay vigilant through strengthening our early warning capabilities, included. We should act together to fully implement our posture on absolutely all dimensions – land, sea and air – and ensure its coherence,’ Klaus Iohannis added.

He emphasized that the allied states must stay consistent to the main approach eyeing Russia. In his opinion, the partner states must be backed so as to enhance their resilience, saying that Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, along the Western Balkans’ countries are among the most vulnerable to hybrid actions.

‘They need our support to boost their own capabilities to resist the external pressure that aim to cut off their own aspirations,’ Iohannis added.

The President also said that the states participating in the B9 format should continue to encourage Georgia, while in their dialogue with the rest of the allies to bolster the importance of improving this relation. As for Ukraine, the president said that the practical cooperation with the Alliance should be strengthened, meaning that the reforms in all fields should be supported. According to him, the Brussel’s NATO Summit should carry on with the Open Door Policy, reasoning that this kind of policy has been an essential component of the Alliance’s contribution to Europe’s peace and security.

The President asserted that the commitment in the South must become a key-component of the partnership with the EU, to be focused on those partners that are in need of and ask for support, and to be backed with proper resources and oriented towards those areas where NATO is bringing real added value.


“Unity, coherence needed to adopt defence and deterrence measures on Eastern” Flank


Romania’s head of state stated that there is a need of unity and coherence in order to adopt the defence and deterrence measures on the entire Eastern Flank.

“In order to adopt the defence and deterrence measures on the entire Eastern Flank we need unity and coherence. In order for this thing to become a reality, the key priorities are: ensuring a coherent collaboration of the advanced presence; developing all the dimensions of the advanced presence in the Black Sea region; ensuring a consistent command and control arrangement for the advanced presence that will cover all situations,” Iohannis stated at the military Session of the B9, organised at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

He underscored that Romania will further act as a reliable ally, showing that last year our country made consistent investments in its own defence, according to the commitments it took on inside NATO.

“We have advanced significantly in terms of expenditure on defence and modernisation of armed forces. We are a major contributor to the Alliance’s missions and operations. We are actively participating in strengthening the defence and deterrence posture both on the Eastern Flank, the national territory and in Poland. We grant support to our partners in the East and South, and we host the Aegis Ashore system in Deveselu, a part of NATO’s defence system against ballistic missiles,” the head of state said.

In this context he underscored that the NATO Summit should be about “unity, solidarity and efficiency,” indicating that military mobility is a key-aspect.

“Generally speaking, we are in favor of a more structured cooperation between NATO and the EU in full complementarity. The recent progress registered in the Common Security and Defence Policy/CSDP is very important both for adapting the conceptual frameworks and for improving the capabilities development process. Now we must focus on implementation. On the military dimension, the implementation of PESCO is most important. At the same time, an efficient civil Common Security and Defence Policy/CSDP is important. In respect to the defence industry, a beneficial cooperation among member states is necessary in view of ensuring security, but also the economic growth, innovation and increasing the number of jobs in member states,” President Iohannis indicated.

He gave assurances that these topics will have an important place on the agenda of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019.


Romania’s President  announces decision to call special CSAT meeting for Brussels NATO Summit preparations


President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday having decided to call a special meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) for talks on the upcoming NATO Summit in Brussels.

“Romania has a most serious approach to these subjects, and in the light of the extremely important decisions that will be taken at the NATO Summit I decided to call a special CSAT meeting dedicated to preparations for this summit,” said President Iohannis, specifying that the best suited date for the meeting will be picked upon his return to the country.

“It obviously must take place quite soon, in the coming weeks, to best prepare our messages and approaches for the NATO Summit,” Iohannis said.

The head of the state emphasized that the Presidency and the officials in charge are constantly working together. “The Presidency and the Ministry of Defence are constantly working together, the CSAT Secretariat, the military, the ministry cooperate constantly, and we are already well prepared. This is only for the fine-tuning, including as regards the public messages,” Iohannis said

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