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October 7, 2022

President Iohannis in Warsaw: Defence starts at home, splitting duties in NATO, all the way to financial burden sharing. President  Duda : Poland,  Romania have converging positions on the  Cohesion and CAP funds

President Iohannis stated on Thursday that “defence starts at home”, adding that splitting duties within NATO should include dividing financial burdens as well.

“Defence starts at home, as the saying goes, and splitting duties should go all the way to dividing financial burdens, included,” Iohannis told the joint press conference alongside his Polis counterpart Andrzej Duda, highlighting that ever since last year Romania has allocated 2 percent of its GDP to defence matters and that large endowment projects have already kicked off.

He underscored that Romania’s and Poland’s common interest with regard to NATO is the Eastern Flank and its security.

” I believe everybody knows which are the threats, everybody knows the difficult vicinity, everybody has understood that the Western Flank is not composed of several parts that need to be treated separately, but the Eastern Flank is made up of nations that want to defend the Eastern Flank together, but naturally want, at the same time, to benefit from the support of the other NATO members,” Iohannis showed.

“At the same time – and we have both emphasised that in our talks – the transatlantic relation is at NATO’s core and we must strengthen it. For NATO, this is vital, just as it is vital for the European Union. From a practical perspective, our expectations are that at the high level meeting in Brussels we have decisions backing the further consolidation of NATO’s deterrence and defence posture and we find that we have a boost of the Alliance’s efficiency,” Iohannis said.


President  Duda : Poland,  Romania have converging positions on the  Cohesion and CAP funds


Polish President Andrzej Duda declared on Thursday evening that Poland and Romania have converging positions with regard to keeping at the same level within the EU future budget the Cohesion Fund and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds.

“We will certainly fight that these funds be kept at a safe level,” Andrzej Duda told the joint press conference alongside President Klaus Iohannis.

Andrzej Duda showed that he talked with Klaus Iohannis about “the threats that Brexit brings, difficult matters, but we cherish the conviction that from our perspective, given our experience, of the states from Central Europe, that were beyond the Iron Curtain and have a different perception, different history, we will be able to bring good things to the EU, which will alleviate this state of crisis.”

The two presidents talked about the situation in Ukraine and Moldova, but also about the bilateral economic collaboration, the Polish president mentioning that the volume of goods and economic exchanges went up by 5.5 billion euro last year.

“It is an exceptional result. Today, on Romania’s territory there are over 1,000 Polish economic entities. Polish entrepreneurs are carrying out an activity that is as efficient as possible on Romania’s soil. The level of our exports to Romania is poignant, it is growing more and more, and this is a reason to rejoice, and together with the president, we will create the best possible conditions so that this economic collaboration keeps growing. I am convinced that it will bring favorable results for both our states,”said Duda., according to Agerpres.

The two presidents also discussed about the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the meeting in the B9 Format from Warsaw, the collaboration within NATO and the Summit of the Three Seas Initiative, which will take place in September, in Bucharest.

“I am convinced that today’s meeting, as well as the Summit in Brussels, will have a decisive character, which will develop the perspective of building a security environment and collaboration in this part of Europe, in accordance with the approaches concerning security, wherever the NATO states act and where various threats appear. We are not just thinking of our situation, the situation of Central Europe, our neighbours, but we are also taking into consideration what is happening in the Southern area. We are looking around and are mutually supporting each other wherever we need to build a security architecture,” Polish president said.



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