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August 8, 2022

DIICOT notifies CSM after Liviu Dragnea threatens prosecutors

The Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) will notify the Supreme Magistracy Council (CSM) following Liviu Dragnea’s threats. Two notifications will be lodged with the magistrates’ body: one concerning the defence of the reputation of prosecutors handling the Dancila dossier, and another one concerning an attack on the independence of the judicial system.

On Sunday evening, Liviu Dragnea stated that Daniel Horodniceanu’s term as Chief Prosecutor of the DIICOT was extended “on orders,” and that that is “a clear action, an order from Iohannis,” against the backdrop in which PNL President Ludovic Orban had filed a criminal complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila for high treason. Dragnea stated that he hopes no prosecutor would risk as much as to play into this “insanity.”

“I don’t know whether they will push forward the insanity. What I can surely tell you is that it is a very firm order. I mean, it’s not by chance that [Daniel] Horodniceanu was immediately put to manage the DIICOT as acting [Chief Prosecutor], because it was not mandatory to appoint him once again. That was done in a coordinated fashion. ‘We keep you, do something about her.’ I hope no prosecutor would risk as much as to play into this insanity. It’s insanity. Very many prosecutors risk paying a heavy price. Their fear makes them completely devoid of reason. There are some who are trying to move away from this poisoned area, there are others who no longer want to take part in these executions and abuses, and there are others who – out of fear or because that’s how they feel like – are staying there like amazons, until the last member of the deep state dies. Yes, they must pay, because there are Criminal Code provisions that were not implemented, but they will be. And I’m telling you, people from various prosecutor’s offices have started to talk, there are plenty of them who can hardly wait to start and talk,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening on Antena3.

The PSD leader added that this is certainly an “order” from Iohannis, because “they want the Government down.” Dragnea emphasised that the stake is to split the ruling coalition and the parliamentary majority.

“It’s a clear action, order from Iohannis, undoubtedly. They want the Government down. As a secondary effect, we should not take to completion what is already generating effects. The main stake is to split the coalition in order to split the majority in Parliament, in order for the judicial laws and the Criminal Codes not to be finalised. And for the national security law not to be finalised,” the PSD leader claimed.

Asked whether “there are chances for these things to happen,” Dragnea answered negatively.

“Categorically not. No chance. I’m absolutely convinced I won’t physically die. If I don’t physically die, I have no problem,” the PSD leader added.

DIICOT Chief Prosecutor Daniel Horodniceanu said on Wednesday that the criminal prosecution ‘in rem’ has not started in the case of the criminal complaint that PNL leader Ludovic Orban lodged against Premier Viorica Dancila, and that the prosecutor handling the case is set to decide whether he needs information from the intelligence services, considering that the complaint refers to high treason.



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