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October 1, 2022

The Manager of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival: We had 127,000 spectators in a city with 170,000 inhabitants

The Manager of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS), Constantin Chiriac, stated on Friday to Saturday night, after the first day of the festival, that the city has almost doubled its population, since there were 127,000 spectators in a city with 170,000 people.

One of the most spectacular shows took place downtown in Sibiu, on the FITS opening night; “Pasiunea focului” (“Passion of Fire” – e.n.) gathered thousands of people. After the opera staged by Compagnie Carabosse from France, there was a fireworks that lasted more than 15 minutes. Thousands of people attended the official opening.

“We are celebrating the 25th edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, in a centenary year, in a year in which we must think on how we are building, how we are giving, how we are growing. It wasn’t an accident that the fireworks was an exemplary one. We wanted everybody to see that people are singing Happy Birthday, FITS! On the street. Today, we have counted 127,000 people in the whole city, at all the events. My dears, the beauty, the joy to meet each other, to dream, made them come out in the street. Nobody forced them to come. They came to have joy. It’s extraordinary that we can show to the entire world that, beyond any political option, Romania can build, it can show to the entire world that this is a center where the great universities of the world meet. It is amazing that we had so many people, 127,000 spectators, in a city with 170,000 inhabitants! There were so many tourists from everywhere” stated Constantin Chiriac, FITS Manager.

Chiriac also revealed that FITS will have a special program for 2019, when SIBIU will host the EU Summit, “a program that will amaze Europe and the world”.

“Next year, I will be in charge with the cultural issues of the Summit. Be sure that if the European leaders will see such a joy and quality, they will understand why this nation is a special one and that sometimes, its sins can be forgiven, but the creativity area has to be stimulated. I suggested a program for the Summit. Since Thursday, it was handed to the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I suggested a thing that will amaze Europe and the world” Chiriac added.

The budget of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival amounts almost EUR 13 million for this year’s edition, held under the patronage of Prince Charles of Great Britain and the Romanian President.

It is the most important performing arts festival in Europe, in terms of scale, size and quality of events.

468 local volunteers, 24 national volunteers and 34 international volunteers are involved in organizing the 25th edition of the festival.

This year, there are 3,300 guests from 73 countries in Sibiu, and producers expect 690,000 spectators to watch the indoor and outdoor plays in the 10 days of FITS.

FITS takes place between June 8 and 17, and 525 events will be presented.

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