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Outgoing British Ambassador Brummell says Romania has been his home for 4 years

Ambassador of the UK Paul Brummell stated on Tuesday that Romania has been his home for four years, in the context in which his mandate is to come to an end, showing that in this period the trade exchanges between the two countries have increased, the ties between Romanians and British have strengthened and the cooperation in defence and security area has intensified.

At the reception marking Queen Elizabeth’s Day and the British National Day, Ambassador Brummell mentioned that Romania has been his home for four years.

He also showed that, at the same time, the tight friendship between the UK and Romania is being celebrated on this occasion.

The Ambassador mentioned that he and his wife Adriana will leave Romania, after having spent happy years here. He added that he is extremely delighted by the fact that the value of the commercial exchanges between Romania and the UK has increased, while the ties between the citizens of the two countries have strengthened, as well as cooperation in the defence and security area, an aspect proven by British Typhoon aircraft and the Romanian F16 and MIG 21 aircraft that flew over at the reception.

According to the Ambassador, this year marks the 80 anniversary of the British Council in Romania and the 20 anniversary of the British Chamber of Commerce.

He congratulated the British citizens who are working in Romania for everything that they have done in their businesses, their private life, for everything that they have put in for this beautiful friendship between the two countries.

At the reception, Brummell gave assurances that he will remain Romania’s friend and recited some verses from a Romanian poem.

He brought to mind some of the moments that impressed him in Romania, for instance, when he slept in Bucharest, on two occasions, under the stars in order to draw attention over those who, unfortunately, have no shelter, but also other moments related to the British-Romanian NGOs. He mentioned going to Onesti and Moinesti with the Libra Foundation who brings youngsters from the UK to Romania in order to help Romanian youngsters with special needs.

The reception organised by the British Embassy started with a flight demonstration of some fighter aircraft, such as Typhoon, F16 and MIG 21. Afterwards, the Ambassador of the UK and President Klaus Iohannis both delivered speeches. Moreover, the British Ambassador raised a toast in honor of Queen Elizabeth and President Iohannis.

Also attending the event were Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall, prosecutor-in-chief of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, Ambassador of the US Hans Klemm.


President Iohannis: UK investment in Romania could be more substantial


President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that UK investment in Romania could be more substantial, pointing out that ways to diversify bilateral business ties should be found.

“Romanian-UK trade co-operation is also very good, with last year’s commercial exchanges having reached the highest level in history, at over four billion euros. UK investment in Romania could be more substantial and we need to find ways to further diversify bilateral ties to business,” said Iohannis at the British Embassy’s reception on Queen Elizabeth’s Day.

He showed that the Romanian-UK relations are excellent.

“We are celebrating in 2018 the 15th anniversary of the strategic partnership established in 2003, which has developed strongly in defence and security areas, as well as in trade. Defence and security are an essential area of Romanian-UK relations,” said Iohannis, pointing out that the two countries share the same concerns about stability and security in NATO’s eastern flank.

Iohannis said that this year has proved to be one of the most dynamic in terms of Romanian-UK defence co-operation.

He also praised the British Council in Romania for its activities.

“In its 80 years of activity in Romania, the British Council has collaborated with thousands of Romanians – students, professors, researchers, artists, business people and even decision-makers – promoting understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and facilitating their connection with Western realities. I warmly welcome this contribution and I wish for at least equally remarkable achievements in the years to come!,” said Iohannis.

He added that another important asset in the Romanian-UK relations is the Romanian community in the United Kingdom, which is very well integrated with the society and contributes in a net and valuable way to the UK economy.

“To us, it is very important to ensure fair and non-discriminatory treatment for Romanian citizens in the UK in the period after Brexit – a decision that we regret, but also respect,” said Iohannis.

He voiced hope for a well-balanced and strong partnership related to future relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

“It is becoming a priority to improve our bilateral strategic partnership, in line with the developments in the relations between Bucharest and London in recent years, and especially with our common potential and expectations. … Looking with confidence at the future of our relations, I am convinced that the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the UK will become even stronger and deeper, to the benefit of our citizens, ” said Iohannis.

He extended heartfelt congratulations to Queen Elizabeth, and warmest wishes for happiness and prosperity to the people of the United Kingdom.

“Her Majesty’s dedication and commitment to her people and her duties continue to serve as an outstanding example and an inspiration for all world leaders,” said Iohannis.

He also thanked Prince Charles of Wales for the latter’s passionate work for the preservation of Romania’s architectural, cultural and historical heritage.

He appreciated the work done by UK ambassador in Bucharest Paul Brummell.

“The dedication with which he has carried out his duties and promoted his country’s co-operation with Romania is certainly a worthy model,” Iohannis said.

Photo: Agerpres

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